How do magazines work in Dead Rising 2?

How do magazines work in Dead Rising 2?

Magazines are items found in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. Magazines increase Chuck’s abilities in different ways, so long as they are in his inventory. They act like Dead Rising books. There are 28 magazines available in Dead Rising 2 and two magazines available in Case Zero.

What do magazines do in Dead Rising?

Magazines increase Chuck or Frank’s abilities in different ways, so long as they are in his inventory. Magazines are the equivalent to books in Dead Rising and Dead Rising 3 (see Dead Rising 3 Books).

What can you combine with tiki torch Dead Rising 2?

the Fire Spitter
It can be combined with a toy spitball gun to create the Fire Spitter or with a tennis racquet to create the Blazing Aces.

What is the best weapon in Dead Rising 2?

best weapon, imo, is the super slicer but only after you get the speical move from acquiring the combo card in full.

What are all the firearms in Dead Rising 2?

brick alternate dead rising brick thrown “Swing attack and a heavy, throw attack.” broadsword alternate “Slicing weapon with 3 swings a heavy, overhead attack and a jump attack.” broom handle alternate “Thrust weapon with 2 thrust attacks and a heavy, push attack.” bull skull alternate “Worn on Chuck’s head.

How to beat Randy in Dead Rising 2?

The quickest solution is that you can get fireworks and a lead pipe from the maintence area next door to the chapel. Combining these makes a rocket launcher with 75 shots, which should be decent enough for the fight with Randy. It’s possible to do this with a melee weapon though, and a simple nailbat can do enough damage to end the fight quickly.

How do you defeat TK in Dead Rising 2?

To get ending S and unlock the Knight Armor,Chuck must give T.K.

  • King bears several similarities to Brock Mason.
  • He may be a reference to Deejay from the Street Fighter series since both originally followed a musical career.