How do I use WebCenter?

How do I use WebCenter?

  1. Introduction.
  2. Step 1: Add the Search Toolbar Task Flow to the Application.
  3. Step 2: Create a Connection for the Documents Service.
  4. Step 3: Add the Document Library Task Flow to Your Application.
  5. Step 4: Browse Documents at Runtime.
  6. Step 5: Create a Database Connection to the WebCenter Schema for the Tags Service.

What is Oracle WebCenter?

Oracle WebCenter Sites. Rapidly create, deploy, and manage a network of web properties, while delegating individual website management with Oracle WebCenter Sites. Users can publish multi-site, multilingual content and campaigns quickly from one platform.

What is new in Oracle WebCenter?

In WebCenter Sites, Oracle Content and Experience can now be configured to provide just those assets that the content contributors need for building sites. This feature co-exists with a similar feature that allows for synchronizing the entire Oracle Content and Experience content with WebCenter Sites.

What is Oracle wcp?

Oracle WebCenter Portal is a web platform for creating intranets, extranets, composite applications, and self-service portals. It provides users a more secure and efficient means to consume information and interact with applications, processes, and users.

What type of website is Oracle?

Oracle WebCenter Sites is a Web Experience Management system.

What is Oracle content and experience?

Oracle Content and Experience Cloud is a cloud-based content hub that drives omni-channel content management and accelerates experience delivery. Powerful collaboration and workflow management capabilities streamline the creation and delivery of (multilingual) content and improve customer and employee engagement.

What is BPM in Oracle Fusion?

Chapter 9: Business Process Management (BPM) in Fusion Applications – Oracle Fusion Applications Development and Extensibility Handbook [Book]

How long does it take to learn WebLogic?

Course Contents This is a basic + advanced Oracle Weblogic Server Administration course. The basic course is for 4 days with the advanced option of another 2 days.

What is WebCenter Portal framework?

The WebCenter Portal: Framework provides portal-specific features to a WebCenter Portal application. P ortals allow users to view and interact with information and to customize their experience to match their exact requirements. Portals typically include features like pages, navigation, security, and customization.

How do I add services to my WebCenter Portal application?

You can selectively add only desired Oracle WebCenter Portal components or services to your WebCenter Portal application. For example, you might only want to add the Instant Messaging and Presence (IMP) service. In this case, you could add just that service without adding all of the other services available with Oracle WebCenter Portal.

Where is the content stored in WebCenter content repository?

That content is stored in folders in Oracle WebCenter Content repository for easy access and can be retrieved when content pages need to be changed or modified.