How do I use SAPlink?

How do I use SAPlink?

Import the Nugget file downloaded, Radio button to Import Nugget. Enter package name and choose Nugget file….HOW to use SAP link installed,

  1. Execute the Installed program: PROG ZSAPLINK.
  2. Create the Nugget file at your desktop using the radio button “Create new Nugget” – provide Nugget name and execute.

What SAPlink?

SAPlink is a project that aims to make it easier to share ABAP developments between programmers. It provides the ability to easily distribute and package custom objects.

What is Nugget in SAP?

The “Nugget” tab is for handling “. nugg” files and the “Slinkee” tab for handling “. slnk” files. These files can be used for importing plugins (extensions of original functionality, see underneath step 8) or be created for the export of SAP objects (data that needs to be transferred, see underneath step 9).

How do I install SAPlink plugins?

Import the plugin object using SAPlink slinkee and don’t forget to manually activate the imported object. When running SAPlink includes automatically in the plugin list all classes with superclass ZSAPLINK, so nothing else has to be done.

How do I download source code in SAP?

Create the SAP Mass ABAP Download Program

  1. Go to SE38, and create a new program with? ZDTP_MASSDOWNLOAD.
  2. Open the source code Mass Download 1. X.X. txt and copy/paste it into the SE38 program.
  3. Activate the program. Check if it is free of error. It is ready to be executed.

How do you use abapGit?

Series that include this tutorial:

  1. Create a Git repository.
  2. Install and set up abapGit.
  3. Push ABAP source from on-premise to Git repository.
  4. Add ABAP development objects.
  5. Stage and commit developed objects.
  6. Install abapGit Eclipse plugin.
  7. Open abapGit repositories.
  8. Clone Git repository into SAP BTP ABAP Environment.

How do I open a NUGG file?

How to open file with NUGG extension?

  1. Install SAP ERP software.
  2. Check the version of SAP ERP and update if needed.
  3. Set the default application to open NUGG files to SAP ERP.
  4. Ensure that the NUGG file is complete and free of errors.

How do I install plugins in SAP?


  1. Use the Download Manager to download the streaming studio plugin file.
  2. Extract the contents of the streaming studio plugin file.
  3. Open studio and select Help > Install New Software:
  4. In the Install dialog, click Add:

How do I download SAP SE38 software?

How do I download classes in ABAP?

In your SAP system, in SE38, create program ZDTP_MASSDOWNLOAD. Paste downloaded ABAPcode as body of the program. Voila, you’re ready to download your abap programs now….Mass download your abap codes

  1. Tables and Structures.
  2. Message classes.
  3. Function modules.
  4. Classes.
  5. Programs.

How do I install abapGit?

abapGit installation is as simple as ✂️ Copy and 📋 Paste an ABAP program 👍.

  1. Create a new abap report program in SE38 (or) SE80 and copy the abap code from here, paste it in the program and activate.
  2. Now run the program, you should see a screen like below.
  3. Hurray!! 🤩 you are done with the installation.