How do I take pictures for Emirates cabin crew?

How do I take pictures for Emirates cabin crew?


  1. Business attire with closed fitted jacket, knee length skirt, skin colour stockings and closed toe heels.
  2. Smart casual wear – we suggest jeans and a plain coloured t-shirt with closed toe high heels.
  3. No accessories.
  4. Hair should be neatly tied.
  5. Full make up.

How do I take pictures for cabin crew?

Must Have

  1. BIG happy smile.
  2. Full length (the top of your head & your shoes must be visible)
  3. Hands straight by side with both legs together. Stand up straight.
  4. You must be directly facing the camera.
  5. The photo cannot be altered/photoshopped.
  6. Good lighting – no shadows.
  7. Sharp and in focus.

What kind of photo should I send to Emirates?

You must upload 1 full length formal photo, 1 identical passport sized photo and 2 smart/sophisticated photos all taken within the past month. Follow the guidelines and photos provided below. 1x full length (standing, photo from head to toe) and 1x close up (standing, photo from head to waist) casual photos.

What pictures do I need for Emirates Open Day?

For ONLINE APPLICATION you will need: one full-length photo – business attire. one passport size photo – business attire. one full-length (standing, photo from head to toe) – casual photo. and one close up (standing, photo from head to waist) – casual photo.

What should I wear for cabin crew photo?


  • Blue, black or dark grey suit, only thin stripes are accepted.
  • Classic, collar, long sleeves shirt, preferably white.
  • Simple tie, the color matching the suit.
  • Belt, socks and shoes necessarily matching the suit color.
  • Attentively polished shoes.
  • Short, neat hair.

What does Emirates look for in cabin crew?

What does Emirates look for in Cabin Crew? Irrespective of nationality, we look for a positive attitude, confidence, flexibility, maturity, a friendly disposition, and importantly a genuine passion to help others and to provide quality service.

How do you get selected for Emirates cabin crew?

Here are some other things we look for in our cabin crew:

  1. You’ve had more than a year’s experience in hospitality/customer service.
  2. You have a positive attitude and the natural ability to provide excellent service in a team environment, dealing with people from many cultures.

What is a full size photo?

adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] A full-size or full-sized model or picture is the same size as the thing or person that it represents.

What are the top 5 cabin crew nationalities at Emirates?

Emirates employs around 23,000 cabin crew made up of 135 nationalities all of whom, demonstrate a sense of hospitality, iconic to their airline. South Africa ranks among the top five countries for Emirates pilots, with over 1,000 locals working for the airline, extending the nation’s famous customer service to travellers worldwide.

How much do Emirates cabin crew earn?

Emirates Cabin Crew Pay / Salary. Basic Monthly Salary: 4,260 AED. Flying Pay: 57 AED an hour – from pushback to arrival at the gate. Expect to have between 80 to 110 flying hours per month. Overnight Allowance: To pay for food and drink during layovers. Paid on arrival at the crew hotel in the local currency.

Are Emirates cabin crews allowed to get married?

Emirates Airline says its policies regarding female cabin crew are “generous” after Middle East carriers were criticised for their rules on marriage and pregnancy.. The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) last week labelled Qatar Airways “the worst for women’s rights among airlines”, as cabin crew are forbidden from marrying during the first five years of employment

How do you apply for Emirates cabin crew?

You can either attend an Open Day

  • Or submit an application on the Emirates Group Careers website.
  • Or submit an application via OSM Aviation.