How do I register for TU200?

How do I register for TU200?

To register, just text TU200 to 247 using your phone….With Sun TU200, you will have;

  1. Unlimited Texts to Sun.
  2. 5 Hours PLDT, Sun, Smart and TNT Calls.
  3. 1,000 Texts to Other Networks.
  4. Free Facebook (up to 200 MB per day)
  5. Nonstop Chat (Viber, WeChat, LINE, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp)

How do I register for Sun 2021?

  1. Unlimited Texts to Sun.
  2. Unlimited Calls to Sun.
  3. To register, text WAIS100 to 247.

How can I send UNLI in sun?

Follow the steps below to register to Sun TU50.

  1. Check if you have 50 sun load balance.
  2. If you don’t, load up your mobile phone with at least 50 pesos.
  3. Create a new message, type TU50 and send it to 247.
  4. Wait for Sun Cellular’s confirmation message to arrive.
  5. Start enjoying your Sun Text Unli 50 promo now.

What is Sunsun Cellular’s 1 month Internet data plan?

Sun Cellular offers quite aplenty of options when it comes to 1 month internet data. These options includes bulk amount of internet data, unlimited access to surf the web and groups of apps bundled as one promo. Each promo package below contains necessary information such as the promo keyword, description and price.

What is Sun cellular prepaid promos?

Sun Cellular Prepaid offers a variety of affordable call, text and data promos to its subscribers. From unlimited calls and texts to different internet data bundle promos. Sun promos let you stay connected to your friends, family and loved ones. Enjoy worry-free calling and texting your contacts with unli call and text promos.

Does Sun Cellular have Internet for free?

Yes,you can do that with Sun Cellular’s incredible mobile internet data bundles. For as low as 5 pesos, you can now instantly access the internet and say hi to your friends online. Sun never really never cease to offer its subscribers the most economical internet load promos to register.

How long do Internet promos last on Sun Cellular?

To skip the hassle of reloading every day or very frequently just to subscribe to an internet promo, Sun Cellular now offers internet promos that are valid for 30 days or 1 month. This way, you have the confidence that you’ll have enough data you need to access the internet for longer period.