How do I put PlayOnLinux on iTunes?

How do I put PlayOnLinux on iTunes?

Start the PlayOnLinux software, and click the +Install button at the top of the main window. A new smaller window should appear called “PlayOnLinux install menu” and you should see a search box. Simply type “iTunes” into the search box and you should see 2 results, one for iTunes 10, and another for iTunes 12.

How do I put iTunes on Winetricks?

Right-click on the ‘.exe. ‘ file and select the option, “Open with wine windows program loader.” You might see the notification that Wine wants to download Mono and Gecko. Click “Install” and then proceed with iTunes installation.

How do I get iTunes to work on Linux?

Steps to install iTunes on Linux

  1. Go to the Downloads directory.
  2. Double click on the iTunes file.
  3. The installation wizard will open. Press Next.
  4. Choose the language and what you want to add and press the Install button.
  5. Wait for the installation to complete and click Finish.
  6. Now you have it installed.

How install PlayOnLinux on Kali Linux?

PlayOnLinux Installation

  1. Now enter the following apt-get command in order to install the latest version of PlayOnLinux: $ sudo apt-get install playonlinux.
  2. The system might prompt you with a Y/n option to confirm the beginning of the installation procedure.
  3. Launch PlayOnLinux.

How do I install iTunes on Ubuntu 18?

Installing iTunes on Ubuntu

  1. Step 1: Download iTunes. To install iTunes, go to the downloads folder, and then double click the downloaded file.
  2. Step 2: Start iTunes Installer.
  3. Step3: iTunes setup.
  4. Step4: iTunes Installation completed.
  5. Step 5: Accept license agreement.
  6. Step 6: Start iTunes on Linux.
  7. Step 7: Sign-in.

How do I install PlayOnLinux?

To install PlayOnLinux from Ubuntu Software Center, open the Ubuntu Software Center from the Application Menu. Search for the PlayOnLinux. Now, click on the PlayOnLinux application. To install PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu 20.04, click on ‘Install’.

How do I use Apple music on Ubuntu?

Users on Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other distros just need to load in a modern web browser (sorry Lynx) and, et voila: the ability to stream Apple Music on Linux.

How do I get PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu?

How to install iTunes on Linux Ubuntu?

Install iTunes on Linux Ubuntu using Wine Once the downloading of the iTunes setup meant for Windows gets completed, open your systems’ download folder and right-click on it. Select “ Other with Other Application ” and then Wine Windows Program Loader.

How to install PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu?

To install PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu follow the below steps: Navigate to the already open PlayOnLinux window and click on Install a non-listed program as shown below. Browse to the iTunes setup file. Show activity on this post.

How to play Apple Music on Linux?

Luckily, there is a way using which you can play Apple music in Linux. However, you will require some additional work for this purpose. As iTunes software is available for Windows OS, so we will the same Windows software for installing iTunes on Linux by using the Wine program.

What is the best iTunes-like music player for Ubuntu?

Banshee is one of the most pretty-looking application of this list, it took a lot of features from itunes and can also sync ipod and other media devices with your music and video library. I’m using Banshee for several years and still believe this is the best itunes-like music player for Ubuntu.