How do I protect a Windows 2012 server?

How do I protect a Windows 2012 server?

10 Easy Ways to Secure your Windows Server

  1. Install only required OS components.
  2. Keep the ‘Admin’ account secure.
  3. Setup User Account Policies.
  4. Employ the Principle of “Least Privilege“
  5. Disable unnecessary network ports and services.
  6. Enable Windows Firewall and Antivirus.
  7. Use Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption.

How do I check my Windows Server antivirus?

Find Out if Your Computer Has Anti-Virus Software Installed

  1. Users using the classic start menu: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Security Center.
  2. Users using start menu: Start > Control Panel > Security Center.

How do I make my server more secure?

Server Security Best Practices

  1. Constantly Upgrade the Software and the Operating System.
  2. Configure Your Computer to File Backups.
  3. Set up Access Limitations to Your Computers files.
  4. Install SSL Certificates.
  5. Use Virtual Private Networks (Private Networking)
  6. Server Password Security.
  7. Use Firewall Protection.

How can I make my Windows server more secure?

Here are a few critical tips for securing your Windows Server.

  1. Keep Your Windows Server Up To Date.
  2. Install Only Essential OS Components via Windows Server Core.
  3. Protect the Admin Account.
  4. NTP Configuration.
  5. Enable and Configure Windows Firewall and Antivirus.
  6. Secure Remote Desktop (RDP)
  7. Enable BitLocker Drive Encryption.

How do I know what antivirus I have?

How can I check what antivirus product I have installed?

  1. Open the antivirus.
  2. Now, from the main window, click the icon on the top right hand side of the antivirus main window and click About Panda Global Protection 2015.
  3. The antivirus version is represented by numerical values XX.

Is Microsoft Defender for endpoint available for Windows Server 2012 R2?

Introducing our modernized, unified solution for Windows Server 2012 R2 and 2016 (Public Preview)! We are proud to introduce the public preview of a completely revamped Microsoft Defender for Endpoint solution stack for Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016.

What versions of Windows Server does Microsoft Defender Antivirus come with?

Microsoft Defender Antivirus is available on the following editions/versions of Windows Server: Windows Server 2016. In some instances, Microsoft Defender Antivirus is referred to as Endpoint Protection; however, the protection engine is the same.

What if I am using a non-Microsoft AntiVirus with Windows Server 2019?

If you are using a non-Microsoft antivirus product as your primary antivirus solution on Windows Server, you must set Microsoft Defender Antivirus to passive mode or disabled mode. On Windows Server, version 1803 or newer, or Windows Server 2019, you can set Microsoft Defender Antivirus to passive mode. See the following sections:

What’s new for the EDR sensor on Windows Server 2012 R2?

For the EDR sensor on Windows Server 2012 R2 & 2016, we now have a new update package available: KB5005292. Note that at time of publication the EDR sensor component is already up to date so there may not yet be an update published. On Windows Server 2016, verify that Microsoft Defender Antivirus is installed, is active and up to date.