How do I make Outlook 2013 look like 2010?

How do I make Outlook 2013 look like 2010?

Outlook 2013

  1. Go to File > Options to display Outlook’s options.
  2. On the General tab, from the Office Theme drop-down menu, select the theme you wish to use: White, Light Gray, or Dark Gray.
  3. Save the changes by clicking the OK button.

How do I get classic view in Outlook 2013?

Just go the View tab > Current View > Change View.

How do I change my Outlook to look like 2010?

Changing the Inbox View in Outlook: Instructions

  1. To change the Inbox view, click the “View” tab in the Ribbon.
  2. Then click the “Change View” button in the “Current View” group.
  3. Then select the name of any of the views listed in the menu that appears to apply them to your inbox.

How do I change the view in Outlook 2013?

How to set view for all folders in Outlook 2013/2016

  1. In Outlook, click the View tab.
  2. In the View menu, click the Change View drop-down menu.
  3. From the Change View drop-down menu, click the Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders…

What is the difference between Outlook 2010 and 2013?

Key New Features One new feature that you may like is Outlook 2013’s ability to start and exit faster than it can in Outlook 2010. If you frequently send emails that require attachments, Outlook’s new Attachment Reminder can warn you if you forget to add an attachment to your outgoing message.

Can you make Office 2013 look like 2010?

You actually don’t have to do that. Just click on File and then choose options Options, and finally click on the General tab. About halfway down the page, you’ll see a setting to “Show start screen when this application starts.” Just deselect it.

Can you make Outlook 2016 look like Outlook 2010?

You can’t change it back completely but there are a few settings that you can tweak to make the message list look a bit more like Outlook 2010. See: Change back the message list look in Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016.

How do I get my Outlook mail back to normal?

In the Navigation pane, click to select a folder that you will reset its view, click View > Change View, and specify a view mode from the drop down list you will restore to initial view. 2. Click View > Reset View.

How do I get my outlook mail back to normal?

How do I get my outlook view back to normal?

What similar features does Microsoft outlook-2010-2013-2016-2019 have?

What Similar Features Does Microsoft Outlook-2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 Have? This a common feature in all Outlook versions and one of the critical parts of this application. The access bar offers you quick navigation into the outlook features and helps you manage your work.

What is classic menu for office 2010/2013?

With Classic Menu for Office, it is possible to enjoy both Office 2003’ classic view and new Ribbon in Microsoft Office 2010/2013. It will make the transition from Office 2003 to Office 2010/2013/2016/2019 smoothly without affecting your work. Easily work with Microsoft Office 2010/2013; no training is required!

How to change the background color in Outlook 2013?

NOTE: The Colorfuloption sets the Outlook theme to blue. There is no way of picking a different color. Similar to Outlook 2019/365, you can also configure the Office Backgroundoption. 3. Save the changes by clicking OK. Outlook 2013 1. Go to File > Options to display Outlook’s options. 2.

What can you do with Microsoft Outlook 2013?

You can easily search for your emails, attachments, calendar appointments and contacts with the utmost ease. The Microsoft Outlook 2013 calendar comes with a weather forecast. You can check out the current weather conditions as you go about your tasks. This version allows you to view an individual’s contact information on their People card.