How do I make my house look like an Irish pub?

How do I make my house look like an Irish pub?

Use black frames and black and white photos for a vintage pub look. Old street signs from Ireland also work well as pub decor, in moderation. Random vintage items such as parts of farm tools or old musical instruments round out the look if you have the space to display more items.

What makes an Irish pub authentic?

An Irish pub is an establishment licensed to serve alcoholic drinks for consumption on the premises. Irish pubs are characterised by a unique culture centred around a casual and friendly atmosphere, hearty food and drink, Irish sports, and traditional Irish music.

What style is an Irish pub?

With its attention to ornate detail and insistence on quality craftsmanship, the Victorian-style pub, often found in Dublin, harks back to the good old days of comfort, hospitality and enjoyment.

Why are Irish pubs so successful?

The popularity of Irish Pubs is due to their conviviality and authenticity. The Authentic Irish Pub has a great reputation for being fun, welcoming and something people want to be a part of.

What is the snug in an Irish pub?

What is a snug? The history of the “snug” began in Ireland in the late 19th century. It was typically a small, very private room that had a frosted glass window, set above head height, accessing the bar. You paid a higher price for your beer in the Snug, but nobody could see you.

How much does it cost to open an Irish pub?

The startup expenses for a new pub are substantial. Business owners who are leasing space should expect to spend between $125,000 and $550,000 up front. Those who own the space their pub will be in spend more initially, often fronting between $175,000 and $920,000.

What color are Irish pubs?

Irish pubs tend to offer a warm, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere where you can feel like you are in your home-away-from-home. Because of all of these reasons, it is very common that people wish to turn their bars into traditional Irish pubs. Paint the walls a rich brown shade that is medium-to-dark in color.

Why are Irish pubs painted red?

Newly-opened Flanagan’s, in Holmeside, Sunderland, has painted its exterior red as homage to famous Dublin hostelry Temple Bar. Irish pubs in general are known for their bright exteriors and Jeremy Elder who co-owns the bar with Ryan Temple, 27, says the pub it will bring something “a bit unique” to the city.

How do I set up a small restaurant bar?

Selling alcohol

  1. Apply for a Small Bar licence.
  2. Apply for Extended Trading Authorisation (small bar)
  3. Apply for an on-premises licence (cafe or restaurant)
  4. Apply for Primary Service Authorisation.
  5. Apply for a Liquor Approved Manager licence.
  6. Appoint a Liquor Approved Manager.
  7. Prepare a Community Impact Statement.

How do I design a pub logo for an Irish pub?

If you want an amazing Irish pub logo that stands out from the competition, work with a professional designer. Find and hire a designer to make your vision come to life, or host a design contest and get ideas from designers around the world. Designers from around the world pitch you ideas.

Who are the Irish Pub Company?

The Irish Pub Company are top exporters of authentic Irish Pubs in the world. We are the original creators of the authentic Irish Pub Concept. Our team creates profitable and working businesses for our clients. We are one of the best bar and lounge interior design companies with generations of experience.

What is a pub interior design company?

Excelling as a pub interior design company, we develop interiors with an identity and create spaces for people to come together and socialize in. The Irish Pub Company brings Irish hospitality to the world through food and beverage concepts that are relevant to today.

Who is the architect who designed the Leprechaun bar?

A pair of hand carved leprechauns for an Irish pub style bar designed by architect Jim McNeil. This home bar was designed to embody the feel of the pubs that the customer had become fond of on several trips to Ireland.