How do I make an assembly drawing in Catia?

How do I make an assembly drawing in Catia?

Creating a New Drawing

  1. From the menu bar, select Start > Mechanical Design .
  2. Select the Drafting workbench.
  3. Select the views to be automatically created on your drawing from the New Drawing Creation dialog box, for example the Front, Bottom and Right icon.
  4. Click OK .

What is assemble drawing?

Assembly drawing is a presentation of a structure or product with its components connected together,in their relative working positions while in use. These components are fabricated separately, and are assembled or installed together at their utility sites such that each part fits and matches with the others.

What are the types of assembly design in Catia?

In CATIA you can create assembly models by adopting two types of approaches. The first design approach is the bottom-up approach, and the second one is the top-down approach. Both these design approaches are discussed below. The bottom-up assembly is the most preferred approach for creating assembly models.

Can you draw in assembly?

Assembly shines with accessible and intuitive features that let designers of all skill levels quickly add gorgeous objects to their photos or make artwork from the ground up. Thanks to a refined interface, you can alter your drawings easily on both iPad and iPhone.

How do I start sketch in Catia?

To draw a sketch, you need to invoke the Sketcher workbench in the Part Design workbench or in the Assembly Design workbench. To invoke the Sketcher workbench, choose the Sketch button from the Sketcher toolbar and then select a plane on which you need to draw the sketch.

What are the 7 types of assembly drawing?

Assembly drawing

  • General assembly drawings, showing an overall assembly.
  • Outline assembly drawings, showing the exterior shape.
  • Diagrammatic assembly drawings, representing the assembly with the use of symbols.
  • Unit assembly or sub-assembly drawings, showing in more detail a part of the overall assembly.

Why do we need assembly drawing?

The purpose of an assembly drawings is item identification, labeling the sequence for assembly and sometimes to even mention standard requirements. These drawings also show orthogonal plans, sections, elevations, weight, mass, Bill of Materials(BOM) etc.

What is CATIA assembly design?

CATIA – Assembly Design 1 (AS1) is a P1 product for managing assemblies in a highly productive way.

How many types of assembly are there in CATIA?

It is important to understand some of the terminology that CATIA uses when working with assemblies. There are basically three types of documents that are used in Assembly Design: the overall assembly, sub-assemblies, and individual part models.

How to make an assembly in Catia?

– Using the menu go to File -> New -> Product and click OK. – Now, you must be sure that you have opened two toolbars, Product Structure Tools and Constraints. – Now you must insert from file the parts that you want to bring them into an assembly.

How to add customized thread types in Catia?

RotationSide: the possible values are True or False.

  • StandardType: you need to enter the standard type you want in the Edit name or value of the current parameter field of the Formulas dialog box.
  • InternalDiameter: (This parameter is not available when defining a thread or tap feature).
  • What is the difference between CATIA and SolidWorks?

    Solidworks is easier to learn and more suitable for beginners,whereas CATIA is better for experienced users

  • Solidworks is designed particularly for 3D solid objects modeling,whereas CATIA is an all-arounder
  • Solidworks is compatible with Windows only,whereas CATIA works on Windows and Unix
  • Solidworks is a mid-range product,whereas CATIA is high-end
  • How to make threads in Catia?


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