How do I know what model Rolleiflex I have?

How do I know what model Rolleiflex I have?

On later Rolleiflex cameras the serial number is printed below the taking lens on the shutter housing. The number may be preceded by the camera model. From the Rolleiflex 2.8 GX the serial number is on top of the name shield again.

What is my Rolleiflex worth?

Properly functioning Rolleiflex 2.8f cameras generally sell for between $900 and $1,500, with finer examples commanding a premium. 3.5f models can run about $200 less.

What type of film does a Rolleiflex use?

The 120 roll film Rolleiflex series is marketed primarily to professional photographers. Rolleiflex cameras have used film formats 117 (Original Rolleiflex), 120 (Standard, Automat, Letter Models, Rollei-Magic, and T model), and 127 (Baby Rolleiflex).

What is the difference between Rolleiflex and Rolleicord?

The Rolleiflex can boast of a self-timer the Rolleicord lacks. The biggest difference between both shutters though is the way they are operated. With the Rolleiflex you adjust the shutter speeds with one of two identical wheels situated between the two lenses (the other is for closing and opening the aperture.

What kind of camera is a Rolleiflex?

twin lens reflex cameras
Rolleiflex cameras are twin lens reflex cameras (TLR). They differ from a single lens reflex camera (SLR) in several ways. The biggest difference is the most obvious one: the TLR has two lenses. It’s important to note that they are not identical twin lenses.

What is the serial number on a Rolleiflex TLR?

Rollei TLR Model Serial Numbers Bay size Introduced Rolleiflex 3.5 X Synch 1100000-1169999 I 1950 Rolleiflex 3.5 M-X Synch 1200000-1427999 I 1951 Rolleiflex 3.5 M-X E-V 1428000-1499999 I 1954 Rolleiflex 3.5 M-X E-V 1700000-1737911 I 1954 Rolleiflex 3.5E Exp. Meter 1740000-1869000 II 1956 Rolleiflex 2.8A 2.8 Tessar X – MX 1101000-1204999

How many model Rolleiflex lenses were produced?

Rolleiflex 4×4 3,5 model??? About 35,000 produced from 1929-32. 75mm Tessar 4.5 or 3.8 Lens. *Prices can be much higher for early variations.

Where to get a Rolleiflex TLR camera repaired?

Rollei Repairs By Harry Fleenor Oceanside Camera Repair 909 Aviation Blvd. Ste. 4 Manhattan Beach, Ca 90266 310 374 6506 – email – [email protected] A Rolleiflex TLR CLA? Rolleiflex TLR 220 Modifications

What are the different Rollei model numbers?

Coupled meter 2400000-2451850 III 1960 Rollei Magic 3.5 Xenar 2500000-2534999 II 1960 Wide-Angle Rollei 4.0/55 Distagon 2490000-2493999 IV 1961 Rollei Magic II Auto and Manual 2525000-2547597 II 1962 Rolleicord Vb 3.5 Xenar 2600000-……… I 1962 Rolleiflex 3.5F Coupled meter 2815000-……… II 1969 Rolleiflex 2.8F Coupled meter