How do I keep my oxygen hose from tangling?

How do I keep my oxygen hose from tangling?

How do I keep from tripping over my oxygen tubing?

  1. Place bright colored tape at 12-inch intervals along the tubing.
  2. If you use a walker, crutch(es), or cane to walk, loop the tube around your ring finger.
  3. If you do not use a device to help you walk, hold the tubing in your non-dominant hand.

What is a swivel connector used for?

The Swivel Connector for Oxygen Tubing is a connector with two male ends designed to connect two oxygen tubings together. This adapter can be used to connect a longer oxygen tubing to a nasal cannula, giving you more mobility and distance from the oxygen concentrator.

How do I keep my oxygen tube from bending?

Heli-Tube® acts like a protective cushion to keep the tube from kinking and protecting it from solid objects as you wrap around corners and through furniture that will help avoid a reduction in the oxygen flow.

Do nasal cannula prongs go up or down?

Turn the cannula so the prongs are curved downward. Most cannulae today have curved prongs so they fit more naturally inside the nostrils. Hold the cannula so the prongs are pointing up toward the ceiling and curve down toward you.

What is a swivel hose connector?

The unique Melnor Swivel Hose Connector allows full movement of the garden hose while preventing hose kinks. The connector pivots and swivels on two axes to prevent binding. The durable construction designed to be attached to the faucet all season.

What is a hose swivel adapter?

It’s a simple-looking connector that can be placed between the sprayer nozzle or sprinkler and hose, between two hoses, or between the hose and spigot. What makes it special is that the two ends rotate (or swivel).

What is an oxygen swivel tubing connector?

Salter Labs Oxygen Swivel Tubing Connector helps solve the tangled oxygen tubes. As people undergoing oxygen therapy move around, the oxygen tubing has a tendency of becoming tangled. Tangles and twists in the tubing has the potential to hinder the flow of oxygen.

What is a swivel connector?

This swivel connector allows the tubing to be twisted in such a way to make it roll up or lay flat, without leaving the person without their life saving oxygen. OMG!

What are the benefits of oxygen tubing connectors?

The swivel action of this oxygen tubing connector makes it a very useful accessory for supplemental oxygen therapy patients who tend to move frequently during their sleep. Those who prefer to sleep on their sides would also benefit from the wider range of motion using this connector provides. How Do You Know If You Have Low Oxygen?