How do I get my RMR tested?

How do I get my RMR tested?


  1. Make an RMR appointment online. An appointment is required for this test.
  2. Refrain from exercising for at least 12 hours before the test.
  3. Lie down on our recliner for about 15-20 minutes.
  4. A consultant will sit with you for another 10 minutes to review your results and answer questions.

Is RMR testing worth it?

A metabolic test can provide you with information about how effectively your body burns calories and uses oxygen during workouts. It’s a valuable tool that can help you make decisions about lifestyle habits that affect weight gain or weight loss.

Where can I get my BMR measured?

It is better to consult a certified specialist or measure BMR through a calorimetry device. These handheld devices are available in many health and fitness clubs, doctor offices, and weight-loss clinics.

Does metabolic testing really work?

Metabolic testing is not only more scientific, but also significantly more accurate. The dietitian can use a person’s height, weight and age to estimate metabolic rate, but the results are not as reliable.

Is RMR testing covered by insurance?

Yes, many insurance plans cover getting your resting metabolic rate covered by a dietitian. Make sure that the dietitian participates with your insurance, that RMR testing is covered and that the dietitian has a FDA approved device like the ReeVue Indirect Calorimeter.

What is a good resting energy expenditure?

The normal RMR is estimated to be about 1400 kcal per day for females and 1600 kcal per day for males. If your RMR falls somewhere above or below these values, then it is considered to be normal.

How do you lose weight with RMR?

You can use your RMR to work toward your weight loss goal by:

  1. Creating an exercise plan.
  2. Determining your appropriate caloric intake.
  3. Setting your needed calories to burn.
  4. Tailoring your diet.

What should your resting metabolism be?

And you might wonder if your RMR is normal. According to several sources, the average RMR for women is around 1400 calories per day1 and for men is just over 1600 calories.

What is normal BMR for female?

Most women have a BMR of around 1550 calories a day. Again, this will vary depending on the individual woman and her physical characteristics.

What is your metabolic rate (RMR)?

Your metabolic rate (RMR) is the total number of calories your body is capable of burning while at rest. It represents the baseline number of calories you require to perform normal, every day and subconscious processes such as metabolic processes and breathing.

How does live lean RX measure metabolic rate?

At Live Lean Rx we deploy precision-based breath-by-breath testing to measure the number of calories that you burn at rest while simultaneously determining what % of carbohydrates vs. fats you are capable of burning. Your metabolic rate (RMR) is the total number of calories your body is capable of burning while at rest.

What is the RMR of calories burned at rest?

The number of calories your body burns at rest accounts for roughly 70% of your total caloric burn throughout the day. By knowing your RMR, we can determine a calorie target that is specific to your unique physiology, and appropriate for your health and fitness goals. How many calories do you burn at rest?

What does your metabolic speed say about your overall health?

Your metabolic speed or speed of your metabolism can provide insight into why you may have struggled to lose weight or effectively achieve your goals in the past. We all get stuck in a rut at times, which can be wildly discouraging.