How do I get a 40000 Premium prize bond?

How do I get a 40000 Premium prize bond?

25,000/- & Rs 40,000/- Denomination. Registered in the name of investor….Following documents are required for Premium Prize Bond Sale Application.

  1. Copy of CNIC.
  2. Account Maintenance Certificate ( A/C title , IBAN number , status of a/c , Bank & Branch Name).
  3. Tax Certificate in case of Filer.
  4. Nominee CNIC detail.

How can I get prize bond from State Bank of Pakistan?

Answer: Prize Bonds can be purchased/encashed from any SBP-BSC office, designated commercial bank branches and National Savings Centers against application form with copy of valid CNIC.

What is a premium prize bond?

bonds scheme called “PREMIUM PRIZE BONDS (REGISTERED)” parallel to the National Prize Bonds Scheme. Contrary to the National Prize Bonds (bearer), the Premium Prize Bond is a registered prize bond which is issued in the name of registered investor.

What is bond schedule?

Definition. A bail schedule is a list of bail amount recommendations for different charges. You can post bail directly, or you can cover it by purchasing a bond from a bail bond company. Often, family members handle this process for a defendant.

How to check Rs 40000 bond result online?

To check Rs. 40000 bond result online search the draw number above, you can also check the schedule and Rs. 40000 prize bond list 2019. The first prize of forty thousand rupees 40000 RS. 2019 bond amount is Rs. 75000000. The second prize amount is Rs. 25000000, and third prize is Rs. 500000.

How to search Prize Bond 40000 draw results?

They can also find the old draw results by selecting draw # numbers of 40000 prize bond, which is provided online too and they can note the draw number of the prize bond 40000 result. They can search each update of prize bonds timely and accurately. Search Prize Winning Numbers!

What happened to National Savings Prize Bond 40000?

National Savings Prize Bond 40000 has been discontinued by the Government of Pakistan. Last draw was Draw number 19 of RS 40000 Prize Bond announced on Friday 10 December, 2021 at Lahore and Draw number 18 of RS 40000 Prize Bond announced on Friday 10 September, 2021 at Peshawar. Search for Prize Bond 40000 Winning Numbers!

What is the Premium Prize Bond of Rs 40 000?

Later on, prize bonds of 11, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 15000, and 25000 were introduced. Premium prize bonds have no risk. Money is safe in prize bonds. Only the amount of prize money changes in the prize bonds. Here, in this article, we will discuss the premium prize bond of Rs. 40,000. The premium prize bonds have a profit rate of 3.33% bi-annual.