How do I find a certain value in an array in MATLAB?

How do I find a certain value in an array in MATLAB?

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  1. You can use the “find” function to return the positions corresponding to an array element value. For example:
  2. To get the row and column indices separately, use:
  3. If you only need the position of one occurrence, you could use the syntax “find(a==8,1)”.

How do you call the last index in MATLAB?

The end method has the calling syntax:

  1. ind = end(A,k,n) The arguments are described as follows:
  2. A(end-1,:) MATLAB calls the end method defined for the object A using the arguments:
  3. ind = end(A,1,2) These arguments mean that the end statement occurs in the first index and there are two indices.
  4. A(3-1,:)

How do you call a specific element in an array in MATLAB?

To refer to multiple elements of an array, use the colon ‘:’ operator, which allows you to specify a range of elements using the form ‘start:end’. The colon alone, without start or end values, specifies all the elements in that dimension.

How do you get the first element of an array in MATLAB?

Individual elements in an array can be accessed using a comma separated list of integer indices. In most programming languages, the first element of an array is element 0. In MATLAB, indexes start at 1. Arrays can be sliced by using another array as an index.

How do I extract a specific row in MATLAB?

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  1. To extract any row from a matrix, use the colon operator in the second index position of your matrix. For example, consider the following:
  2. “row1” is the first row of “A”, and “row2” is the second row.
  3. For more on basic indexing, see:

What does end do in MATLAB?

end (MATLAB Function Reference) end is used to terminate for , while , switch , try , and if statements. Without an end statement, for , while , switch , try , and if wait for further input. Each end is paired with the closest previous unpaired for , while , switch , try , or if and serves to delimit its scope.

How do you reverse the order of an array in MATLAB?

B = flip( A , dim ) reverses the order of the elements in A along dimension dim . For example, if A is a matrix, then flip(A,1) reverses the elements in each column, and flip(A,2) reverses the elements in each row.

How do I find a specific value in an array?

If you need to find the index of a value, use Array.prototype.indexOf() . (It’s similar to findIndex() , but checks each element for equality with the value instead of using a testing function.) If you need to find if a value exists in an array, use Array.prototype.includes() .

How do I find a specific value in MATLAB?

To find a specific integer value, use the == operator. For instance, find the element equal to 13 in a 1-by-10 vector of odd integers. To find a noninteger value, use a tolerance value based on your data. Otherwise, the result is sometimes an empty matrix due to floating-point roundoff error.

How to find a value in an array in MATLAB?

If A is a vector,then mean (A) returns the mean of the elements.

  • If A is a matrix,then mean (A) returns a row vector containing the mean of each column.
  • If A is a multidimensional array,then mean (A) operates along the first array dimension whose size does not equal 1,treating the elements as vectors.
  • How to find the maximum of an array in MATLAB?

    If A and B are the same data type,then C matches the data type of A and B.

  • If either A or B is single,then C is single.
  • If either A or B is an integer data type with the other a scalar double,then C assumes the integer data type.
  • How do I find the maximum value in MATLAB?

    – %Supposed you have: – A = 0:0.1:2; – B = sin (A); – % then the maximum value of A, B is – Max_AB = max (A, B); % Maximum of AB – % or if you are only interested in finding the maximum value of A or B then use: – Max_A = max (A); %For maximum of A – % Or if you specifically want to know the maximum value between A and B, then use – Max_between_AB = max (max (A, B));

    How to create a duplicate array in MATLAB?

    – To build block arrays by forming the tensor product of the input with an array of ones, use kron . – To create block arrays and perform a binary operation in a single pass, use bsxfun . – When A is a scalar of a certain type, you can use other functions to get the same result as repmat.