How do I do a property title search in Alberta?

How do I do a property title search in Alberta?

Overview. Most titles, documents or plans can be ordered through the Alberta Registries Spatial Information System (SPIN2), or through a registry agent.

How much is a title search in Alberta?

Since all registrations at the Alberta Land Titles Office are public records, anyone is permitted to complete a Land Titles search on anyone else’s property. For just the land titles search, we charge $75.

How do you use SPIN2?

How to Use the SPIN2 Database

  1. Go to the SPIN2 website.
  2. Click Guest Login.
  3. After reading the disclaimer and legal notice, click I Agree to continue.
  4. On the Welcome to SPIN2 screen, click Search (top of screen).

How long does it take to transfer land title in Alberta?

3-7 days
Usually the transfer of land process takes 3-7 days but we can let you know how long Alberta Land Titles is taking when you come in.

How do I remove someone from a land title in Alberta?

How to change a title ownership

  1. Fill out the form you need. Add or remove a name. Transfer of land form (PDF, 2.9 MB) The form must be signed by all of the current registered owners. Remove a deceased joint tenant.
  2. Submit the form and documents. Mail your form and documents to: Edmonton location. Box 2380.

How do I find my Alberta LINC number?

The quickest method is to apply online using a Land Identification Numeric Code (LINC Number), a 10 digit number generated under the Land Titles Act. A LINC Number can be retrieved in two ways: It appears on the top left corner of all Alberta Registries Land Titles Certificates issued after 1988.

How do I add someone to my land title in Alberta?

Who is the legal owner of a land title in Alberta?

Under this system, the Government has custody of all original titles, documents and plans and has the legal responsibility for the validity and security of all registered land title information. For more information, see An introduction to Alberta land titles. Sole owner – Either a person or a registered company is the sole owner of the land.

How do I contact Alberta land titles and surveys?

General questions or inquiries for Land Titles, Surveys or the Foreign Ownership of Land department can be emailed to: Edmonton Land Titles Registrations: [email protected] Calgary Land Titles Registrations: [email protected]

Where can I find information about land titles and commonly used forms?

For commonly used forms, see the Land titles – Overview page. To order copies of title, or create your document registration request form, visit our SPIN2 website. To find information about how the Land Titles Office works and commonly used forms, see the Land titles – Overview page.

What is the land registration system used in Alberta?

The land registration system used in Alberta is based on the Torrens System of land registration and operates under the legislative authority of the Land Titles Act.