How do I Clean my idexx catalyst?

How do I Clean my idexx catalyst?

To Clean the Internal Components On the Catalyst Dx* touch screen, tap Tools and then tap Clean Analyzer.

How do I use idexx catalyst?

Do one of the following: • Tap the Catalyst One icon on the IDEXX VetLab Station Home screen. Tap the alert message in the title bar to display the alert message. Follow the instructions displayed in the alert message. The Catalyst One analyzer works in conjunction with the IDEXX VetLab Station.

What does the idexx catalyst do?

Easily screen, diagnose, and manage thyroid disease during the patient visit. Total T4 can be added to any test panel, allowing for a comprehensive chemistry, electrolyte, and total T4 profile in one run with a single patient sample in approximately 15 minutes.

What is a catalyst Chem 10 clip?

Chem 10 CLIP A focused chemistry foundation; combine with a CBC, electrolytes, and other tests such as SDMA. Use albumin level to guide safe administration of anesthesia. ALB. ALB/GLOB. ALKP.

How much is a idexx catalyst one?

2019 Idexx Catalyst One Analyzer in CT. This is a Catalyst One Analyzer by Idexx I purchased for $11,995 new, on May 2, 2019.

How do you do a dilution on a catalyst one?

Accurately measure the desired amount of sample to be diluted and gently transfer it to a sample cup. Then, accurately measure an equal amount of diluent (0.9% saline) and transfer it to the sample. 2. Thoroughly mix the sample and diluent, ensuring there are no bubbles in the mixed sample.

What is in a Chem 17 Idexx?

Chem 17 CLIP A comprehensive chemistry profile with amylase and lipase, making it ideal for canine patients. Combine with a CBC, electrolytes, and tests such as SDMA and Total T4 for full evaluation.

How do you dilute a idexx catalyst?

How does the catalyst DX analyzer work in IDEXX?

The Catalyst Dx analyzer begins to process the patient sample automatically and transfers the results to the IDEXX VetLab Station once the run is complete. 12. If you loaded a TT4, CRP, SDMA, BA, PROG, UPC panel, or a PHBR slide, remove and dispose of the sample/wash cups from the diluent drawer when prompted.

How do I clean the catalyst DX analyzer?

It is recommended that you wear clean powder-free latex or nitrile gloves when cleaning the internal components of the analyzer. Wearing clean latex gloves helps to avoid smudges on the components and ensures an effective cleaning. IMPORTANT: • Never use canned air in or around the Catalyst Dx analyzer.

How do you clean IDEXX procyte DX hematology analyzer?

IDEXX ProCyte Dx Hematology Analyzer Operator’s Guide. The filter should be cleaned while the analyzer is powered off for the weekly reboot. The Monthly Rinse procedure must be performed with a 5% Bleach solution of filtered, unscented bleach with distilled/deionized water.

How do I Clean my IDEXX incubator?

Using an IDEXX-supported alcohol prep pad, wipe the incubator ring track in a counterclockwise direction (do not wipe the optics or ion windows at this time). Repeat this step at least three times using a new tissue for each wipe. 8.