How do I check the power supply on my ASR router?

How do I check the power supply on my ASR router?

Verifying Power Supply Operation; Start The Cisco Asr 1002 Router – Cisco ASR 1002 Quick Start Manual. Connect the ground, positive, and negative leads to the power source. Step 10 Turn the branch source breaker on. Step 11 Turn the power supply switch to the On (I) position.

How do I check my power supply status?

Test the power supply with a power supply testing unit.

  1. Connect the power supply testing unit to the 20/24 pin connector.
  2. Plug the power supply back into the outlet and turn it on.
  3. Check the voltages.
  4. Ensure that the voltages are within normal accepted tolerances.
  5. Test the other connectors.

Where are the power supplies for the Cisco ASR 1009-x and 1006-x?

The Cisco ASR 1009-X Router and Cisco ASR 1006-X Router have six slots within a power supply shelf located at the bottom of the chassis. The power supplies will typically be installed from left to right (slots 0-5) but can be supported in any configuration.

How do I remove a live Cisco ASR 1006 router AC power supply?

To remove a live Cisco ASR 1006 Router AC power supply that is not operating normally (and then replace the AC power supply within five minutes), follow this procedure: Step 1 Slip on the ESD-preventative wrist strap that was included in the accessory kit. Step 2 Before you turn off a power supply, make certain the chassis is grounded.

How to verify the Cisco ASR 1000 series Aggregation Services Router installation?

After installing the Cisco ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Router or replacing any of its hardware components that are field-replaceable units (FRUs), verify the installation. This chapter includes the following sections: Check the LEDs on the faceplates of the following FRUs:

What hardware is supported for installation on the Cisco ASR 1013 router?

Note Only Route Processor-2 (RP-2) and ESP-40 (Embedded Service Processor) are supported for installation on the Cisco ASR 1013 Router. Table 1-1 RP-2 Faceplate LEDs Indicating a Successful Installation (Cisco ASR 1013 Router) Off indicates that the router is in standby mode. Cisco IOS has successfully booted. BOOT ROM has successfully loaded.