How do I check my BBK balance online?

How do I check my BBK balance online?

Access Login to Mobile Banking by entering your Customer ID and ePIN. Select ‘CrediMax’ from the Main Menu. Select ‘CrediMax Balance Inquiry’.

How can I change my BBK mobile number?

Update Contact Details

  1. Login by entering Customer ID and ePIN or by using fingerprint and/or facial recognition.
  2. Select the menu icon then go to ‘Preferences then ‘Customer Profile’.
  3. Tap on the edit button.
  4. Enter the mobile number or e-mail address.
  5. Tap on ‘Submit’.
  6. The request will remain pending until bank approval.

How can you check your bank account balance?

6 Easy Steps to Check Your Bank Balance

  1. Log In Online. You can check your account balance online anytime—and much more.
  2. Mobile Apps and Text Messages. Mobile phones, tablets, and other devices make it easy to check on accounts from just about anywhere.
  3. Use an ATM.
  4. Call the Bank.
  5. Set Up Alerts.
  6. Talk to a Teller.

How do I find my BBK account number?

*ePIN is a 6-8 digit number used to access the Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, Telebanking and eStatement….

1 Call (973) 17214444
4 Enter ‘Customer ID’ followed by the # key
5 Enter ‘ePIN’* followed by the # key
6 Select 4 for ‘Account Statement’
7 Select 1 for the last five transactions

What is a BBK account?

BBK offers a range of accounts designed to suit your daily financial requirements. These accounts are easy to open, able to manage your expenses and control your budget, help you pay bills instantly, and access through the bank’s electronic channels.

How can I open BBK mobile banking?

How do I register via the new BBK Mobile Banking app? First, download the new BBK Mobile Banking app available in app store and Google Play on the mobile device you want to set as your primary trusted device. Next, open the app and enter your Username/Customer ID (Personal ID) and 6 to 8 digit Password/ePIN.

Where can I find a BBK branch in Bahrain?

Below is the list of BBK found in Bahrain, including their address location. So it will be easier for you to check if the branch is in your area, please do a “CTRL+F” search on your keyboard and type the bank name or location. 863 Sh. Isa Avenue Muharraq Town 216 Location: Shop 339, Sh. Isa Avenue 5, Block 907 , East Riffa Sh.

Where can I get feedback from BBK Manama?

Email:[email protected]. BBK Lite Manama. Location: Building 177, Shop 175, Entrance 77, Manama. Branch Head. Nijam Uddin. Sun – Sat, 10 AM – 9 PM. Contact Info: Tel:+97317208832. Fax:+97317224013.

What is the history of the bank of Bahrain?

The name This bank was established in 1971. The general public and the government of Bahrain are its main shareholders. This bank’s pride is being able to deliver a full range of deposit, lending, investment, and treasury services to different sectors.

What does BBK stand for?

The BBK or was formerly known as The Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait is one of the top banks in the kingdom of Bahrain and the State of Kuwait. The name This bank was established in 1971. The general public and the government of Bahrain are its main shareholders.