How do I check Hive logs?

How do I check Hive logs?

Go to yarn through ambari. Click on yarn then click on quick links, then resource manager UI. then click on job name. and you have full access to all logs.

Where are Hive logs located?

scratchdir set in hive-site. xml to know hive query logs location but in general Hive Server2 logs are in /var/log/hive but to retrieve the query from there requires integration of Ambari + Tez.

How can I see what queries are running in Hive?

  1. use Ranger Auditing for Hive to check the Query details run by a user.
  2. You can use the below Query To get all the apps having states as FINISHED,KILLED by the specific user for specific time period GET “http://Resource-Manager-Address:8088/ws/v1/cluster/apps?
  3. Simply make use of Tez view if your execution Engine is Tez.

How do I check my Tez logs?

You can first check the Tez AM log, Tez AM is launched in the first yarn app containers, so it is located in folder like container_{yarn_app_id}_000001. Under this folder you may find the following files. syslog This is the log before AM properly started itself.

How do I enable login for hive?

Follow the steps below to enable debug logging on the Hive CLI:

  1. Close the current Hive CLI session.
  2. Reconnect to the Hive CLI using the following command and options: hive -hiveconf hive.log.file=debug_hive.log -hiveconf hive.log.dir=/tmp/hiveCLI -hiveconf hive.root.logger=DEBUG,DRFA.
  3. Reproduce the issue.

What is Hive command?

Hive command is a data warehouse infrastructure tool that sits on top Hadoop to summarize Big data. It processes structured data. It makes data querying and analyzing easier. Hive command is also called as “schema on reading;” It doesn’t verify data when it is loaded, verification happens only when a query is issued.

How do I find my hive application ID?

  1. From the Ambari home page, hover over the top right corner, and select “Tez View”
  2. Next, you can either search by application ID or the hive query itself to find your application.
  3. Select your application – the entire hive query should be displayed here and also you can see the status of the query.

How does Hadoop check long running jobs?

Click on “Jobs -> Running” from left hand side menu. It will show you all jobs which are running currently.

How do I check if a field is numeric in Hive?

Hive RLIKE Statement You can use this Hive pattern matching function in the WHERE clause to get only numeric values from the string. For example, consider below example to check string isnumeric. Use RLIKE in a WHERE condition to filter out non-numeric values.

What SQL does Hive use?

Hive supports ANSI SQL and atomic, consistent, isolated, and durable (ACID) transactions. For updating data, you can use the MERGE statement, which now also meets ACID standards. Materialized views optimize queries based on access patterns. Hive supports tables up to 300PB in Optimized Row Columnar (ORC) format.

How do I start hive in debug mode?

What are basic commands of Hive?

Hive Commands :

DDL Command Function
CREATE It is used to create a table or Database
SHOW It is used to show Database, Table, Properties, etc
ALTER It is used to make changes to the existing table
DESCRIBE It describes the table columns