How do I change my UCLA email?

How do I change my UCLA email?


  1. Log in to MyUCLA.
  2. Click on the”Settings” drop-down menu, and select “Official Email/Address/Phone.”
  3. A new screen will open.
  4. Select the “Edit” option under “Actions” in the “Official Email Address” section.
  5. Don’t forget to click Save once you’ve entered your changes.

How do I make a UCLA email?

Create Your UCLA Email Account

  1. Access in your web browser and click Click to activate your account.
  2. Read the prompt and click Get started.
  3. When prompted to Sign In with your UCLA Logon ID, enter your UCLA Logon ID and Password in the appropriate fields.

How to access UCLA email?

Change the primary email address associated with your personal account to use an email address other than your official email address.

  • Remove your official email address from your personal account entirely.
  • Log into with your UCLA Logon ID and password to create and start using your Box at UCLA.
  • What is UCLA email address?

    a. Your email address is an alias which forwards to another email, most likely to your address. b. To verify forwarding login to the UCLA Identity and Accounts Manager

    What is the mailing address for UCLA?

    An address is a collection of information,presented in a mostly fixed format,used for describing the location of a building,apartment,or other structure or a plot of land,…

  • The address used by the property owner to receive mail regarding their property.
  • the address where a person or organization can be communicated with
  • Where is UCLA mail center?

    Metro Metro Lines 2/302,20,720,734 and 788 serve campus,or transfer from other lines.

  • Santa Monica Big Blue Bus Lines 1,2,3M,8 and Rapid 12 bring you to campus,or transfer from other lines.
  • Culver City Bus Line 6 and the Rapid 6 bring you directly to campus,or transfer from Lines 1-5 or 7.