How do I apply for the 2021 Chinese Government scholarship?

How do I apply for the 2021 Chinese Government scholarship?

1. Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship, filled in Chinese or in English, pasted with a recent photograph (white background, 35mm×45mm in size). Applicants shall fill in and submit application form via the CSC Online Application System for Study in China (Link), then print application form and sign.

What is the last date of CSC scholarship 2022?

March 31, 2022
Chinese Scholarship 2022 Application Deadline CSC Scholarship 2022 Application deadline for all 270+ Chinese Universities is before March 31, 2022, for the academic session of 2022-2023.

How do I apply for the 2022 Chinese Government scholarship?

Key in the agency number of your Chinese university in the CSC Scholarship online application form. Choose the type of the CSC scholarship award that you want and go for category B. Fill in your details and the relevant degree course you are interested in. Submit your CSC scholarship online application.

How do I get a Chinese government scholarship?

International students from all world countries are eligible to apply. Chinese Government Scholarship require online application submission at CSC portal. After that the candidate should apply to the selected university and send the required documents to the university along with CSC scholarship application form.

How do I apply for the Chinese government scholarship?

The 2022/2023 Chinese Government Scholarshipis now open for application. Online application ( should be submitted no later than January 31,2022. – be a citizen of a country other than the People’s Republic of China, and be in good health both mentally and physically.

How can I get scholarship for China government?

How can I get Chinese Government scholarship?

When can I apply for Chinese government scholarship?

What is a Chinese government scholarship?

Chinese Government Scholarship, also known as CSC (stands for “China Scholarship Council”) scholarship, it is provided by Chinese government aims to help more international students to study in China and improve the culture exchange between China and the world. There are different kinds of Chinese Government scholarships:

Who is nominating agency for Chinese government scholarships in 2021-22?

On behalf of Govt. of Pakistan, HEC is nominating agency for these scholarships in the academic year 2021-22. China Scholarship Council (CSC), entrusted by the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China, is responsible for the enrollment and the administration of Chinese Government Scholarship Program.

What is the Chinese scholarship Council CSC?

The Chinese Scholarship Council CSC also known as Chinese government scholarships awards the scholarships in its various affiliated universities exclusively for international students. Interested students can apply for the CSC scholarship between December and April, according to the last dates specified by the concerned university.

What is the deadline for applying for Chinese government scholarship?

The deadline is April but usually you should leave yourself for enough extra time for the process. The scholarship result usually will be announced on the official website of the university at the end of July. Currently, only the following 273 universities in China are available for Chinese Government Scholarship.