How deep is the lady on the Coolidge?

How deep is the lady on the Coolidge?

between 68 and 240 feet
Depth The wreck of the President Coolidge sits between 68 and 240 feet. Visibility Viz is anywhere from 33 to 100 feet.

How did the SS President Coolidge sink?

SS President Coolidge was an American luxury ocean liner that was completed in 1931. She was operated by Dollar Steamship Lines until 1938, and then by American President Lines until 1941….SS President Coolidge.

United States
Fate Sunk by mines, 26 October 1942
General characteristics
Type ocean liner, then troopship

Where is the SS President Coolidge wreck?

Hidden in the depths of the world’s largest wreck, the SS President Coolidge, in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, there are plenty of treasures to uncover. At 615 feet (187 m) long, you’ll need multiple dives to properly appreciate its immensity.

On what island will you find SS President Coolidge?

SS President Coolidge, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

Site Type: Wreck – a big one!
Depth: Top: 20M Bottom: 70M
Location: West of Million Dollar Beach, just outside of Luganville, Vanuatu

What happened to the President Coolidge wreck in Vanuatu?

The wreck is almost completely intact, but unfortunately, time is taking its toll. However spectacular that is the President Coolidge dive, the wreck will not be around forever. With recent earthquakes collapsing parts of the wreck, access enjoyed by divers in the past will not remain. The diving in Vanuatu is very diverse and interesting.

Can you dive the SS President Coolidge on Santo?

There are two Dive Centres on Santo who do the dive as shore dives – having their own ocean frontage immediately adjacent the wreck, and two who can drop you straight onto the bow as a boat dive. To get an impression of what your first few dives on the SS President Coolidge might be like – have a read of the blog post.

How many different types of scuba diving are there at Coolidge?

Many divers go to Espiritu Santo or even Vanuatu just to dive the Coolidge, and spend the best part of the week doing so: starting with an orientation dive, and working their way up (down) to the ‘Lady’ – a porcelain figure of a medieval babe riding a unicorn in the first class dining room. There are probably 50 or so different dives.

What makes the SS President Coolidge unique among wrecks?

The SS President Coolidge is unique amongst wrecks for many reasons: It’s an SS – a steam ship – a luxury liner with rooms for almost 1,000 rich people!