How can I track my postal speed post?

How can I track my postal speed post?

Article type ‘ POST track <. 13 digit article number >. ‘ to track the status and send SMS on 166 or 51969. Alternatively, you can browse the government website and find the consignment status, Go to India Post and get more information that will help you to choose the best match of your need.

Is speed post a postal service?

All postal articles whose contents are in the nature of message can be classified as mail which includes Letters, Postcards, Inland Letter Cards, Packets, Ordinary, Registered, Insured, Value Payable articles and Speed Post. Mail is further classified as first class and second class mail.

How many days does speed post take to deliver?

* Proof of Delivery charges is INR 10.00 per article in addition to Speed Post charges….​ D​o​mestic​​​​​​

​Success Indicators​​ Averag​​e Time Taken​
Metro-Metro 1-3 Days
State Capital to State Capital 1-4 Days
Same State 1-4 Days
Rest of the Country 4-5 Days

What is proof of delivery in speed Post?

The Department is bound to provide you a PostCard with the same barcode(tracking ID) imprinted on it as for the barcode pasted on the Article, having the format where the mention of Proof of delivery details are to be filled in and is attached to the Speed Post Article.

How Speed post is delivered in India?

Insert the letter/courier into it, seal the envelope, and write ‘speed post’ on the top of the envelope. Write the receiver’s name, address, and contact details on the left side of the envelope. Next, mention your details like name and address on the right side. Handover the courier to the speed post staff.

How can I complain to speed post not delivered?

For online lodging of complaints and status update through website (Go to home page and click on Customer Complaints​ link, select option Register Your Complaint for lodging com​​plaint and select option Track your Complaint for knowing the position of the case.)

How to track India Post speed post?

All you have to do is enter the Indian Post tracking number in the search bar and press “Track Speed Post” button. This will show the status of your speed post parcel. You can also use the India post system and type in the tracking number provided to you while booking your parcel. Q17- How can i track my tracking number in India Post?

How to contact speed post India customer care?

Speed Post customer care call centers are available for all popular cities in India. In case of any query you can call customer care executives or can directly email them with details. Find speedpost customer care details here. India post also allows you to track your consignments through SMS tracking facility provided by Speed Post .

What is EMS speed post?

Indian Speed Post tracking – Speed Post tracker The EMS service in India is EMS Speed Post, part of India Post which is India’s designated universal postal service provider, supporting customers, businesses and communities worldwide. India Post was founded in 1858 and joined the EMS Cooperative in 1999.

What is the history of India Post?

India Post is an activity of the Government of India which is under the Ministry of Communication. It was first settled in 1870 under the British Raj with the main Post Office in Allahabad and proceeded with well past the autonomy of India.