How can HC-05 be used as master?

How can HC-05 be used as master?

Slave Configuration:

  1. AT+RMAAD (To clear any paired devices)
  2. AT+ROLE=0 (To set it as slave)
  3. AT+ADDR (To get the address of this HC-05, remember to jot the address down as it will be used during master configuration)
  4. AT+UART=38400,0,0 (To fix the baud rate at 38400)

What is the difference between HC-05 and hc06?

Hc-05 is a Bluetooth serial port module with master-slave integration. The master-slave can be switched with rich and complete instructions. Hc-06 is a Bluetooth serial port module with master-slave integration. The master-slave can be switched by command, and the command is less than the-05, so it is easy to use.

How do I use my HC-05 Bluetooth module with Arduino?

Code. In order to communicate with HC05 using Bluetooth, you need a Bluetooth terminal application on your phone. You can use this one. Now for start transferring data, upload this code on your Arduino and connect HC05 using the app you have just installed.

How do I transfer data using HC-05?

For this you can check Robo India’s tutorial: Configure Bluetooth Module HC-05 with AT Mode….5. Mobile app

  1. Download this Application.
  2. Pair your phone with HC-05. for doing this go to Settings->Bluetooth->Scan device->select HC-05 and pair it. Pass code to pair is ‘1234’.
  3. Now, open the app and connect the HC-05 module.

Why HC-05 Bluetooth module is used?

Designed to replace cable connections HC-05 uses serial communication to communicate with the electronics. Usually, it is used to connect small devices like mobile phones using a short-range wireless connection to exchange files. It uses the 2.45GHz frequency band.

How do you make two Arduino boards Bluetooth communicate with each other?

Pairing and Binding

  1. set the same baud rate on both devices.
  2. make sure the passwords on the HC-05 and the HC-06 are the same.
  3. find the address of the HC-06.
  4. pair the HC-05 with the HC-06.
  5. bind the HC-06 to the HC-05.
  6. set the HC-05 to only connect with paired devices.
  7. link to the HC-06.

How do I connect my HC-05 to my phone?

Follow these mini-steps:

  1. Connect the Rx and Tx pins of HC-05 back to Arduino (if you haven’t did this already).
  2. Pair the device with your mobile phone (in my case I am using Android OS and my phone is Samsung SII).
  3. Download “Bluetooth Terminal” app from Google Play Store.
  4. Open Bluetooth Terminal app.

What can HC-05 do?

How does the hc-05 module work with Arduino?

The HC-05 module is a Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Protocol) module, which means it communicates with the Arduino via the Serial Communication. You can get the components needed for this Arduino tutorial from any of the sites below:

What is the hc-05 Bluetooth module?

HC-05 Bluetooth Module is an easy-to-use Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Protocol) module, designed for transparent wireless serial connection setup. Its communication is via serial communication which makes an easy way to interface with controller or PC.

How do I configure the module hc-05 to use the serial monitor?

To allow configuration, the module HC-05 should be powered but not paired and the KEY/EN pin should be set to HIGH before module is switched on. When in configuration mode the LED will blink two seconds every two seconds. Open the Serial monitor and select the end line option “New line” and a baudrate of 9600.

How do I put my hc-05 into at mode?

This should cause your HC-05 to enter into AT mode when the arduino is refreshed, to do this… before you plug in the USB cable to the arduino, unplug the power pin which goes to the bluetooth module, this is the 5v pin. Now, plug the power pin in, and the HC-05 should be blinking on, and off every 2 seconds, signifying at mode.