Does INOA hair color damage hair?

Does INOA hair color damage hair?

INOA stands for Innovation No Ammonia and according to the vice president for marketing of L’Oréal Professionnel, the dye will leave hair “as smooth as it was before hair color” and will cause no damage.

Does INOA contain peroxide?

Right before INOA is put on hair, the oil gel, called oleogel, is mixed together with MEA and the other key components for tinting locks—the oxidative hair dye and the hydrogen peroxide that develops the hair dye.

Can you use any developer with INOA?

You should use the inoa developer as inoa is a little different from some other hair colors products in that it does not contain some of the harsher ingredients and so it is advisable to use their own developer, I would not risk using a different brand.

Can I use INOA without developer?

Can I use any developer with INOA?

How much volume do you put in hair dye?

The traditional way of mixing hair developer and hair dye is a 1:1 ratio. If you put in 100ml of hair dye, then you must put 100ml of the developer too. But if you want to lift the colors, the correct combination would be one part hair color and two parts hair developer.

What is Inoa by L Oréal?

Inoa by L’Oréal Professionnel is the revolutionary oil-based, ammonia-free permanent hair colour system.

What is Inoa hair color?

INOA, our first ammonia-free permanent technology, revolutionized the hair color industry with a breakthrough ODS² Oil Delivery System. INOA is 60% oil, delivering 6 weeks of intense hydration while depositing beautiful color.

How many shades of Inoa are there?

Experience the INOA difference. INOA has a wide array of ammonia-free shades. There are 116 available overall. If you are focusing on coverage, the image below will guide you in achieving your desired result and tone. Feel limitless with INOA!

How do I choose the best Inoa shades for redheads?

Try INOA Gold Naturals for coverage with a hint of warmth with no mixing needed. Reach for INOA High Resist when you’re looking for shades with extra cool tones and resistance to fading. And of course, use INOA Carmilane and our special technology for your redheads. Experience the INOA difference. INOA has a wide array of ammonia-free shades.