Does Cambridge have summer programs?

Does Cambridge have summer programs?

We’re delighted to announce a return to in-person teaching at Cambridge in summer 2022. Our Summer Programme offers a choice of over 100 one-week courses across four weeks, allowing you to combine courses from a wide range of subject in the fields of Arts and Humanities, Sciences, Business Studies and Global Studies.

How much does it cost to go to Cambridge summer school?

Many of our delegates want to experience both cities and take advantage of the extension option, not just to live in two of the most prominent university cities in the world, but to also expand their academic knowledge by taking an additional elective….Tuition Fee.

Programme Tuition
2-week extension in Cambridge or Oxford 3,880 GBP

Are Cambridge online courses free?

Cambridge offers free online teaching course to thousands of teachers worldwide.

Does Cambridge have a high school?

Established in 1883 Cambridge High School (CHS) has a proud tradition of meeting the educational needs of our local community. With a roll of approximately 1800 students we are able to offer our diverse school population a wide range of academic, cultural and sporting opportunities.

What will make you a great Oxford summer courses student?

What will make you a great Oxford student?

  • A passion for your subject.
  • You think deeply about the world.
  • You read widely around your subject.
  • You’re articulate and expressive.
  • You can meet the Oxford admissions requirements.
  • You like the idea of interactive and personalised tutorials.

Is Sutton Trust competitive?

The Sutton Trust Summer Schools are extremely competitive and we aim to ensure that places go to those will take the most away from the experience. It is essential that participants take part in the entirety of the event.

Are Sutton Trust summer schools free?

The costs of the Summer School are covered by the University and the Sutton Trust so that it is completely free for you to attend.

Does Sutton Trust pay for travel?

All of our programmes are free of charge. This includes travel, accommodation and food. In some cases, students may be asked to pay some travel costs upfront, but these will always be reimbursed.

What do you learn in summer school in Cambridge?

Cambridge summer school – 18-24 years old Prepare for university and beyond. During your summer course in Cambridge you’ll learn from the finest expert tutors, and always in small classes. You’ll challenge yourself, and develop your knowledge and critical thinking skills in your chosen subjects through debates and seminars.

Why study at Cambridge Summer Institute?

Participants have the flexibility to enroll in a 2-week session or extend and spend up to 8 weeks studying abroad at Cambridge Summer Institute. The programme is ideal for undergraduate and early graduate students. All lectures and seminars are given by faculty members of the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford.

How old do you have to be to study in Cambridge?

Summer school in Cambridge – 13-15 years old. On your Cambridge summer course you’ll stay at Fitzwilliam College – smart, safe, modern student accommodation next to a beautiful Grade II Regency manor house. And just like a real Cambridge University student, you’ll study in classes of eight or fewer.

Why study engineering at Cambridge University?

The Department of Engineering also contributes to many of the other summer schools organised by the Cambridge Admissions Office. Headstart is a well-established national summer school programme organised by the Engineering Development Trust the aim of which is to encourage students to consider careers in technology-based industries.