Does Annie Lennox play the piano?

Does Annie Lennox play the piano?

Ann Lennox OBE (born 25 December 1954) is a Scottish singer-songwriter, political activist and philanthropist….Annie Lennox.

Annie Lennox OBE
Occupation(s) Singer Chancellor for GCU songwriter activist humanitarian ambassador
Instruments Vocals piano
Years active 1976–present
Labels RCA Arista (1981–2009) Island Decca (2010–present)

Does Annie Lennox write her own music?

But since she has been a passionate advocate for women and children, she has found that she simply stopped writing songs. “It’s a strange thing – writing songs was the main focus of my life but I don’t feel like I want to write songs anymore,” Lennox tells me.

What song did Annie Lennox sing for Sting?

Sting and Annie Lennox – Fragile (Live in London, on 24th March 2011) – YouTube.

Where did Annie Lennox study music?

Royal Academy of Music
Lennox’s music career began at age 17, when she won a scholarship to London’s Royal Academy of Music where she studied the flute, piano and harpsichord.

What band was Annie Lennox before Eurythmics?

Eurythmics1980 – 2005
The TouristsWindsong
Annie Lennox/Music groups

Who influenced Annie Lennox?

She discovered the work of two musicians who would greatly influence her: Joni Mitchell and Stevie Wonder. She told Barbara Pepe in Ms. that she aspired to “that depth of subtlety and profound statement through m usic” such as that created by Wonder.

Where is Annie Lennox from?

Aberdeen, United KingdomAnnie Lennox / Place of birth

Did Annie Lennox lose a baby?

The mum-of-two explained that losing her first child changed her life and prompted her to fight for vulnerable women with no access to childcare. She suffered an “immense loss” when her son Daniel was stillborn in 1988. Lennox explained: “One of the real turning points for me was becoming a mother.

What are some Annie Lennox songs?

1984 – Songwriter of the Year for Lennox and Dave Stewart

  • 1987 – Songwriter of the Year for Lennox and Dave Stewart
  • 1987 – Best contemporary song (“Its Alright,(Baby’s Coming Back)”)
  • 1993 – Best Song (“Why”)
  • Did Annie Lennox write her own songs?

    “Because I hadn’t written a song in years, and I didn’t even know if I could write a song.” But Lennox, who previously penned the original song “Into the West” for “Lord of the Rings” (which won her an Academy Award) and “Love Song for a Vampire” for “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” hadn’t lost her touch.

    What band did Annie Lennox sing with?

    The Tourists were a British rock and pop band. They achieved brief success in the late 1970s before the band split in 1980. Two of its members, singer Annie Lennox and guitarist Dave Stewart, went on to international success as Eurythmics.

    What genre of music is Annie Lennox?

    Annie Lennox is one of Scotland’s greatest pop exports, both as a solo artist and as part of Eurythmics with Dave Stewart. Annie has sold over 80 million records worldwide, and has even earned the title of the “most successful female British artist in UK music history”.