Does an intake need a tune WRX?

Does an intake need a tune WRX?

Pretty much every air intake on the market for WRX’s or STI’s will require a tune to ensure they work properly. We highly recommend COBB’s SF air intake or AEM’s cold air intake for the 2008+ WRX and STI.

Do I need a tune after intake and exhaust WRX?

Once you mod with AP, CAI and exhaust – then a tune is a must. A intake absolutely needs a tune.

Can I put a cold air intake on my WRX without a tune?

Tuning your car is expensive and for doing it only to optimize a cold air intake is not worth the money. A cold air intake is a cheap and easy upgrade that does not require tuning. It will work well, without a tune and it will not cause any damage to your car if not tuned.

Can I run Cobb intake without tune?

This COBB SF Intake does not require additional tuning once installed. It is designed to work perfectly with the stock MAF sensor. Simply install and go!

How much HP does a turbo inlet add?

Aftermarket turbo inlet pipe provides about 5 horsepower when installed on stock parts and can provide up to 10 horsepower when installed with aftermarket downpipe and air intake.

Is the stock tune on a Subaru WRX any good?

The stock factory tune on the WRX isn’t great. It’s aggressive on boost, has a lot of rev hang, runs lean, and overall isn’t very friendly to performance mods. While the tune is completely fine for the stock engine in our opinion, a lot of performance improvements can be had by adjusting it.

How much power will a full bolt intake add to WRX?

Reliability appears to deteriorate rather quickly once you breach the ~300whp/wtq thresholds. Anyways, a full-bolt on WRX with a tune, intake, j-pipe, and intercooler will land you around 320whp.

Will a Cobb SF intake damage my 2014 WRX?

Will I damage my 2014 wrx with a Cobb sf intake with no tune? I know the tune will need to happen to expect gains but as of now I want better sound resignation Yes it will. A simple Google search will tell you that.

Can I add an intake without a tune?

It seems that if an intake doesn’t require a tune, there is no reason to use that intake. Am I incorrect? Click to expand… Yes this makes sense. Adding the Intake without the tune is really asking for trouble in our finicky cars. Once I installed my Cobb SF, I switched maps with my AP before I even started the car.