Does Alton Towers Use 2 for 1?

Does Alton Towers Use 2 for 1?

If your party is an odd numbered group, you can still use this 2for1 offer, but to get the cheapest price the odd numbered person should use the Carex ‘half-price entry’ offer instead.

How much are Alton Towers tickets?

Theme Park Tickets

One Day Ticket On the day In advance from
Adults (12+ years) £62 £34
Children (3-11 years) £57 £34
Children (under 3 years) £0 £0

How many days do you need at Alton Towers?

There is something for everyone here. The food and restaurants on park are very good and reasonably priced, all the staff are helpful and friendly too. Good variety of rides for all ages and adrenline seekers. would recommend two days to get around the entire park.

How much discount do NHS staff get at Alton Towers?

The discounts available to NHS workers include: Alton Towers Resort – save up to 49% on entry tickets. Chessington World of Adventure – save up to 49% on entry tickets. Thorpe Park – save up to 48% on entry tickets.

Do rides close at Alton Towers in the rain?

Unfortunately, wet weather conditions can disrupt our rides and attractions. In some cases, we have to close certain rides to ensure the safety of our guests. We cannot predetermine ride closures, but we will provide real-time updates on the Alton Towers App.

Do Alton Towers accept Blue Light Card?

You can book tickets to our theme park through the Blue Light Card service, please visit your Blue Light Card portal to book.

Do Alton Towers take blue light card?

We are pleased to announce that members can now book Alton Towers tickets online, with the link found on the Blue Light Card website, still with the up to 40% discount.

How much does Thorpe Park make?

Financial statements of THORPE PARK OPERATIONS LIMITED According to THORPE PARK OPERATIONS LIMITED latest financial report submitted on 2019-12-28, the company has a Turnover of £990,000.00, Gross-Profit of £990,000.00 while the Total-Assets is £10M.

Can you go to CBeebies land for the day?

over a year ago. CBeebies land can be done on a quiet day in about 2hrs. There is also another part of the park called cloud cuckoo land with an ice age 4d cinema and some other small rides.

What is the scariest ride at Alton Towers?

The Wicker Man. The newest ride to open at Alton Towers Resort is also top of our favourites list.

  • Nemesis.
  • Oblivion.
  • TH13TEEN.
  • Blade.
  • Rita.
  • What time does Alton Towers Open?

    Alton Towers closes at different times in different seasons, depending on the light and weather – but we always open for fun at 10am! (Please note that our opening times are subject to change and are often updated closer to the date.)

    How to get to Alton Towers?

    An overnight stay at Splash Landings Hotel or CBeebies Land Hotel

  • Delicious buffet breakfast
  • Free parking
  • 9 holes of Extraordinary Golf
  • Alton Towers Waterpark tickets
  • What is the closest train station to Alton Towers?

    Uttoxeter station is the nearest train station to Alton Towers, just 10 miles from the resort. Uttoxeter station is just a 20 minute drive away from the resort or 30 minutes by bus. Stoke on Trent rail station is 15 miles from Alton Towers Resort. A local taxi would take around 25 minutes to the resort.