Do you glue down a farmhouse sink?

Do you glue down a farmhouse sink?

For now, the sink just rests on top of the framing – no need for fasteners or adhesive. The ¼” gaps on both sides of the sink leave room to make final adjustments when the countertops get installed. Use a level to make sure the sink is even in all directions so that water will drain properly.

How far should an apron sink stick out?

Most farmhouse sinks stick out past the face of the cabinets from . 75 of an inch to as many as 2 inches. Take a look at nearby drawers prior to ordering your sink to ensure that you will have clearance when the drawer is extended.

Do you need special cabinet for apron sink?

No matter what you do, you will most likely need a special or custom cabinet to accommodate your new farmhouse or apron sink. This is because there are many styles of sink designs and how they need to be installed, typically requires a non-standard cabinet. The two most common types are Drop-in or Undermount.

Can you put farmhouse sink in existing cabinets?

Can you put a farmhouse sink in existing cabinets? Yes, you definitely can! Something you should keep in mind, though, is you’ll have to cut out the front of the cabinet and remove the counter top prior to farm sink installation.

Why swap out your kitchen sink for a Whitehaven kitchen?

Swapping out your current sink for a Whitehaven with a 7” short apron lets you have the farmhouse style you want without replacing your existing cabinets. Simply change the sink and countertop, and you’ll give your kitchen a refresh in less than a day. Whitehaven’s single bowl sink offers plenty of room for oversize pots and pans.

What is a Whitehaven sink with smart divide?

For those who prefer double bowls, consider a Whitehaven sink with Smart Divide® feature, a low barrier that separates the basin into two compartments that easily handle large cookware. Under-mount installation makes cleanup easy – simply wipe crumbs and other messes from the counter right into the bowl.

Why choose Whitehaven’s self-trimming sinks?

The Whitehaven Self-Trimming® feature ensures a perfect fit and finish. Because the sink’s edges disguise a rough cut, there’s no need to waste time perfecting a precise cut – so you can start enjoying your updated space right away. Swap the sink. Keep the cabinets.

Why are apron-front sinks so popular?

From their broad, familiar lines and solid durability to their large basins and versatile design, it’s no wonder apron-front sinks are more popular than ever. Whitehaven sinks blend iconic style with easy installation for a kitchen update solution that works for contemporary as well as traditional spaces.