Do Freemie cups work with Medela pump in Style?

Do Freemie cups work with Medela pump in Style?

This is a Genuine Freemie Collection Cup Set – Compatible with Medela Lactina, Symphony and Pump In Style Advanced Pumps. Not compatible with the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump. Pump anytime, anywhere and around anyone as milk collects inside the cup slipped inside your bra.

Can I use Medela flanges with Freemie?

Answer: Yes, the tubes that freemie gives you are thicker and fit into the top of the medela flange, you just cant move around to much and get crazy with it.

Do Freemie cups work with any pump?

Okay, so Freemie collection cups are actually just the flange/bottle part of a breast pump. That’s right. They can be used with any breast pump!

Are Freemie pumps worth it?

There are several other mini pumps on the market, but I loved the fact that the Freemie Liberty was pretty discreet, hands-free, quiet, and powerful. I think it is an excellent option for those looking for a secondary pump to take to work, travel with, or be able to get some work done around the house.

How much milk do Freemie cups hold?

How many millilitres of milk do Freemie Collection Cups hold? Each cup holds up to 230 millilitres of milk, enabling you to collect up to 460 millilitres of milk when you pump.

Why are my Freemie cups leaking?

If you experience leaking when you first begin using your cups, this could be due to not boiling. Boiling the hard cup parts makes them airtight. Be sure to stir the parts consistently while boiling, if parts rest against the pot they can become warped and/or damaged, and will not perform correctly.

What size Freemie cups do I need?

When using Freemie Cups, it’s really important to use the correct Flange size, and to monitor your nipple size over time. Freemie Standard Cup and Pump Sets typically come with size 25mm and 28mm to start with. There are additional soft insert sizes available as well.

How long does it take to pump with Freemie?

Using the Timer function This means that if you do not manually turn it off, it will auto shutoff after 40 minutes. You can select the time that you wish your pump to run for by pressing the button with the moon picture on it. It will start at 5 minutes and increase in 5 minute intervals for each time you press it.

Do Freemie cups spill?

SPILLING. Some reviewers mentioned issues with spilling milk, but I actually find that I spill LESS milk with these than the traditional funnel system. Again, the only possibility for milk to escape is through the hole (or pour spout) at the top.

How long does Freemie pump last?

The pump itself is a small hexagon with an LCD screen — it’s roughly the size of your palm, weighs just about ½ pound, and you can clip it to your clothes. It has a rechargeable (USB) battery, which typically lasts for about an hour, give or take (thus, the battery life leaves something to be desired).

How long should you pump with Freemie?

The NUK Simply Natural Freemie breast pump is a personal-use electric breast pump and is capable of single and double pumping. The operating life of the Simply Natural pump is defined to be normal expected use of up to three pumping sessions of 20 minutes per day for one year.

What type of Cup do I get with my Medela pump?

Some Medela pumps (the older ones, like the original Pump in Style and Freestyle) are open system, so you would get open system Freemie cups. Most Spectra pumps, the Baby Buddha, and the Ameda Purely Yours are closed, so you would get the closed Next Generation cups.

Which pumps are freemie Cups compatible with?

Freemie cups are compatible with Medela, Spectra, Baby Buddha, Ameda, NUK, Lucina, and Philips Avent pumps. Moreover, Freemie Pump gives you the possibility to customize the size of the flange with soft Fitmie inserts (these are available in size 15mm-26mm).

What are freemie collection cups?

Freemie collection cups are a completely different kind of milk collection system, where everything fits into your bra – no bottles and pump parts hanging off of your chest! I was really excited to try it with my third baby, and here is my Freemie review.

Why should I use freemie Cups for breastfeeding?

When your baby wants to be held while you pump, it can be easier to pick him up and snuggle when you’re using Freemie cups versus trying to work around pump parts and bottles.