Did Foo Fighters cancel tour for Letterman?

Did Foo Fighters cancel tour for Letterman?

However, Foo Fighters had already scheduled a South American tour, but as Letterman told his viewers – and as Grohl confirmed to Rolling Stone – they cancelled their tour in order to appear on that special Late Show episode.

Who was David Letterman’s last musical group?

Paul Shaffer and the World’s Most Dangerous Band is an American musical ensemble led by Paul Shaffer. It was David Letterman’s house band for 33 years….

Paul Shaffer and the World’s Most Dangerous Band
Years active 1982–2015, 2017–present
Associated acts David Letterman David Sanborn Tom Snyder

Who did David Letterman have on his last show?

The series finale on May 20, 2015, which ran 17 minutes over time and had 13.7 million viewers, was introduced by archival footage of President Gerald Ford and pre-recorded cameos of former Presidents George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W.

How many times did Foo Fighters appear on Letterman?

He loved it so much, and it had such meaning in his life, that he invited Foo Fighters to perform it on the show five different times, between 1997 and 2015, including two of the most momentous and poignant shows: In 2000, for Dave’s first show back after his heart surgery and recovery, and in 2015 for Letterman’s’s …

Did Paul Shaffer ever play in a band?

Paul Shaffer and the World’s Most Dangerous Band
The Blues Brothers1978 – 1982The Honeydrippers1984 – 1984Ringo Starr & His All-Starr BandPrivate Domain
Paul Shaffer/Music groups

Who were the guests on Letterman’s last show?

David Letterman ‘s final ‘Late Show’ guests will include Tom Hanks and Bill Murray. The guest lineup for David Letterman’s final three episodes of “Late Show” has been revealed, and while there are many long-expected names, there’s still room for some surprises.

How much did Paul Shaffer make on Letterman?

Paul Shaffer Salary: What was Paul Shaffer’s salary as musical director of the David Letterman Show? $5 million per year.