Did AKA cheat Bonang?

Did AKA cheat Bonang?

According to DRUM, DJ Zinhle went on the East Coast Drive with Bongani and Mags and spoke about her relationship with both rapper AKA and TV personality Bonang Matheba after AKA reportedly cheated on Zinhle with Bonang while Zinhle was pregnant with AKA’s daughter Kairo.

Who is Murdahbongz?

Bongani Mohosana (born June 9, 1987) is a leading South African recording artist and music producer. He is a member of the music group, Black Motion, which was formed together with his friend, Smol. He is known in the entertainment industry as Murdah Bongz.

Does DJ Zinhle have a baby?

Proud parents Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle finally unveil baby Asante’s adorable face. Baby Asante broke the internet on Wednesday after her parents DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz shared the first “official” picture of their adorable daughter, finally unveiling her for the world to see. “We’re 3 months old today.

Who is Bongz?

In this article, we are talking about Murdah Bongz is a famous South African music producer and artist….Bio/Wiki.

Real Name Bongani Mohosana
Famous as Murdah Bongz
Profession music producer and artist
Marital Status Not Available
Girlfriend/Wife Name DJ Zinhle

How old is DJ Zinhles boyfriend?

His real name is Bongani Mohosana (34) and he is an award winning singer and music producer. He seems quite smitten.

How old is Djtira?

45 years (August 24, 1976)DJ Tira / Age

How old is zintle?

38 years (December 30, 1983)DJ Zinhle / Age

What is the name of DJ Zinhle’s child?

Kairo Owethu ForbesDJ Zinhle / Children

Did Bonang and aka break up?

Bonang and AKA announced their break-up in late December. Their fans did not believe the news as the couple has previously faked a split for a publicity stunt. AKA all but confirmed that they were no longer together when he made a confession on national TV about their relationship.

Did aka Cheat on Dj Zinhle with Bonang?

AKA all but confirmed that they were no longer together when he made a confession on national TV about their relationship. The rapper confessed that he did cheat on DJ Zinhle with Bonang and apologised for his actions. He also called on his ex to do the same

Will Bonang apologise to Zinhle for her affair?

I’ve apologised for that and I’m sorry for that,” he admitted on Real Talk With Anele. Bonang, who famously threatened to take legal action against Zinhle in 2015 for revealing the affair, has not yet apologised. Will she do it on her reality show?

What happened in the Being Bonang teaser clip?

The 30-year-old has kept mum on their split for months, but a teaser clip from season two of Being Bonang sees her opening up about the failed romance. “Let me tell you how I dealt with my break-up.