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What is a Rao position?

What is a Rao position? Position the patient as for chest radiographs (AP, PA, oblique, and lateral). The right anterior oblique (RAO) position is usually used in preference to the left anterior oblique (LAO) position. An RAO position of 35°-40° gives a wider space for an image of the esophagus between the vertebrae and the

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Why does Leona have red hair?

Why does Leona have red hair? Riot of the Blood – Due to her Orochi heritage, Leona goes into this state whenever Orochi’s presence is strong. Orochi Power – Leona can exert some control of this state so long as Orochi’s power remains weak. While using it, her hair temporarily turns red or shows a

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What is a Form 4 ATF?

What is a Form 4 ATF? The ATF Form 4 or “Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm” is an ATF form for handling the registration and transfer of NFA items under certain circumstances. If you are filling out the ATF Form 4, it means you are purchasing an already made NFA item

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