How do I connect my vgate iCar Pro to my iPhone?

How do I connect my vgate iCar Pro to my iPhone?

Pair iCar Pro BLE4. 0 to iOS device

  1. Run OBD Auto Doctor app.
  2. Tap Extras button on the Status page.
  3. Tap Connectivity in the setting menu to select connection type.
  4. Select adapter type to Bluetooth.
  5. Select device as Vgate.
  6. Back to Status page, Click Start connect.

What app do I use with the ELM327 mini?

ScanMaster Lite is an application for vehicle diagnostics to OBD-2/EOBD standards. It “transforms” your Android smartphone or tablet together with an ELM327 diagnostic interface to a vehicle diagnostic device.

How do I connect my ELM327 to WIFI?

Force quit the app. With Android, use “Task Manager”….

  1. Plug ELM327 WIFI Scanner into vehicle’s OBD2 port.
  2. Turn ON ignition.
  3. On your device — go to “Settings” > “Wi-Fi”.
  4. Launch your OBD App.
  5. Go to Apps Settings and configure it to look for WIFI.
  6. OBD App should now successfully connect to your vehicle.

How can I use ELM327 mini with iPhone?

How To Setup ELM327 WiFi OBD II Scanner With iPhone (iOS)

  1. Make sure your car is OBD2 compatible.
  2. Browse and install your preferred OBD2 App from the Apple itunes store.
  3. Make sure your iPhone or iPad device is compatible with the preferred App.
  4. Locate your car’s OBDII diagnostic port and plug in your scanner.

How do I connect to vgate iCar pro WIFI?

4. How to Pair iCar Pro Wi-Fi to your device (use OBD Auto Doctor)

  1. 4.1 Pair iCar Pro Wi-Fi to iOS device. √ Enable WLAN on your iPhone or iPad. √ Choice V-LINK to connect. √ Connected
  2. 4.2 Pair iCar Pro Wi-Fi to Android device. √ Enable Wi-Fi on your Android phone or Pad. √ Select Wi-Fi device ” V-LINK” to pair.

How do I connect my ELM327 mini to my iPhone?

How do I connect my ELM327 to my iPhone?