Can you swim in Mt Tamborine?

Can you swim in Mt Tamborine?

Curtis Falls – Tamborine Mountain It’s a short and easy walk that is well worth a visit, especially after a big rainfall. You can’t swim here, but spend some time admiring the lush green palm trees hanging out over the falls and practice your photography skills with this handy post.

Can you swim at Tamborine waterfalls?

Visitors pass a couple of rewarding lookouts, and descend down into the open canyon via a sealed pathway. As Tamborine Mountain is not connected to town water, these are the only swimming holes on the mountain.

Can you swim in Witches Falls?

Although the water level here is low, visitors enjoy cooling off in the rock pool under the falls. Please note: Swimming in rock pools and rivers is fun however there are hidden dangers which can cause serious injury or death.

How do you get to the bottom of Witches Falls?

Another way to reach the famous “Witches Falls” Water Fall is to turn into Beacon Road from Main Western Road, and stay left when the road forks, reaching another entry point at the end of “Witches Chase” (see “Witches Chase Track” description second paragraph below).

Does Tamborine Mountain have town water?

Tamborine Mountain has deep freshwater aquifers that provide water for three commercial water companies including Coca Cola Amatil, Nu Pure and Neverfail spring water. Yet with 7500 residents it is the largest community in Australia that does not have town water and relies on bores.

Can you swim at Natural Arch?

While you can no longer swim in the cave pool, you can cool off at the swimming hole just before the turn-off to the arch. The creek is perfect for a splash or some lazy tubing, and the barbecue and toilet facilities make it a great stop for a picnic.

Can you swim in Logan river?

The designated swimming area is marked with buoys on the water. This site is open to the public seven days a week, from: 5.30am to 6.30pm (September – April) 6.00am to 5.30pm (May – August)

How long is the Curtis Falls walk?

Curtis Falls Circuit is the quintessential and popular Mt Tamborine walk – a moderate grade circuit of just 1.5km return that passes through gorgeous lush rainforest of majestic eucalypts and towering palms to the piece de resistance – the splendid Curtis Falls, which are viewed from a platform overlooking a beautiful …

How did Witches Falls get its name?

Tamborine Mountain National Park is home to the original Witches Falls, and is the third of its kind in Australia. The name Witches Falls originates with the children of Tamborine Mountain, who thought the forest branches looked like witches’ brooms as they walked home at dusk.

Is Tamborine Mountain a safe place to live?

Tamborine Mountain offers a peaceful lifestyle, and a great environment to bring children up in. If you are after a night life and clubbing then this is probably not the place for you, although there are a number of lovely restaurants.

Where can I swim in Tamborine National Park?

There is also a large swimming spot on the corner of Beaudesert-Beenleigh Road and Stanmore Road that is better suited to older children or more competent swimmers and has no facilities. Cedar Creek Falls Rock Pools are located in Tamborine National Park, off Cedar Creek Falls Road in Cedar Creek.

Is Tamborine Mountain connected to town water?

As Tamborine Mountain is not connected to town water, these are the only swimming holes on the mountain. Please observe all regulatory notices. For information on how to get to “Cedar Creek Falls” please CLICK HERE.

What are the best walks in Tamborine?

One of the most delightful walks in the whole Tamborine area is the Cedar Creek Falls Track (1.1 km return), which explores the creek’s various cascades, rock pools, flora and fauna.

Can you see falls from the bottom of Tamborine Mountain?

Located in the heart of Tamborine Mountain, “Curtis Falls” is the only waterfall that can be viewed from the bottom of the falls. Being fed by “Cedar Creek”, a permanent creek, the falls run all year-round.