Can you shampoo carpet with a Rainbow vacuum?

Can you shampoo carpet with a Rainbow vacuum?

If you already have a Rainbow vacuum, you can easily transform it into a carpet shampooer with just a few extra attachments. Known as the Rainbow AquaMate, this deep-cleaning carpet care system allows you to lift dirt and grime out of carpet fibers.

How do you connect a shampooer to a Rainbow vacuum?

Attaching the Aquamate to Your Rainbow Cleaner Attach the clear tube that comes out of the Aquamate handle to the Aquamate cleaning head. Place the attachment hose into position on the Rainbow Cleaner and plug the electric cord from the Aquamate tank into the opening above the attachment hose.

How does a Rainbow carpet shampooer work?

The main Rainbow device vacuums carpet, while its AquaMate accessory turns the Rainbow into a carpet shampooer. Shampooing the carpet is as simple as connecting the AquaMate attachment, adding water and a proprietary cleaning solution and then running the unit over the carpet.

Can you use a Rainbow vacuum cleaner without water?

The water is the fluid which traps every dust and dirt particles that come into the Rainbow, Running your Rainbow without water allows all these particles pass into the Rainbow internal parts, and also clogging your HEPA filter, which is designed to be a backup filter to work together with the water.

How do you use a shampooer?

How To Use A Carpet Cleaner

  1. VACUUM THOROUGHLY BEFOREHAND. Prepare the area you wish to shampoo by vacuuming using a powerhead vacuum cleaner.
  2. DON’T OVERDO THE SHAMPOO. Excess shampoo can be near impossible to clean out.

What is the best shampooing system for Rainbow?

BEST SELLER! This AM-12 AquaMate III replaces the power nozzle on your e2 Silver Rainbow to create an instant shampooing system. This AM-12 AquaMate IV works with your E2 Typ 12 Black series Rainbow. It replaces the power nozzle for a quick and easy setup. Comes complete with one bottle of shampoo and an owner’s manual.

Does Rainbow E series canister vacuum E-2 work?

Rainbow E Series Canister Vacuum Model E-2 Tested/ Works! (Base Motor Only) Excellent Rainbow E Series E-2 Gold Single Speed W/ Attachments Ships Next Day!

Is Rainbow AquaMate good for carpet cleaning?

5 out of 5 based on 60 reviews. The Rainbow AquaMate is great for getting all the soil and dirt from your carpet and area rugs that your power nozzle is unable to get. Small spots or large wall to wall carpet is no problem with the shampooing system and the amazing Carpet Cleaning Formula.

What is Rain Rainbow Eseries?

Rainbow eSERIES Since 1936, Rexair has developed and manufactured innovative Rainbow® products designed to improve indoor environments, with millions of satisfied owners around the world.