Can you install a tub surround over existing tub?

Can you install a tub surround over existing tub?

Often, people replace the tub surround and install a new tub at the same time, but this is not necessary if you do some research and make sure the tub surround will fit your existing tub.

What should you not put on a cast iron tub?

It is also unwise to use acidic products on the enamel surface of a Cast Iron Bath. Using products ranging from vinegar to specialised bathroom cleaning products – which some people would use for an acrylic bath – wear away the enamel.

How do I know if my tub is porcelain or cast iron?

If your tub has no give at all, then it’s steel or cast iron. Hold a magnet up to the tub; does it attract? If it’s magnetic, then it’s an enameled surface, but if it’s not magnetic, it’s porcelain.

How much does it cost to have a cast iron tub reglazed?

The national average cost to refinish a bathtub is between $350 and $650, with most people paying around $500 to refinish a one-piece cast iron tub….Bathtub Refinishing Cost by Bathtub Material.

Bathtub Material Cost (Labor Included)
Cast Iron $350 – $650
Acrylic $400 – $700

How much does it cost to refinish a cast iron bathtub?

$350 to $500
How much does it cost to refinish a cast iron tub? For an average cost of $350 to $500—a fraction of the $1,200 to $5,000 expense of a new cast-iron or steel tub installed—refinishers can make an antique fixture look brand new.

What type of tub surround do I need for my bathtub?

One-piece tub surround units are available for new construction or major remodeling, but if you are removing an old tub surround with bathtub still in place, installing a new three-piece or five-piece surround is often the way to go.

What is a thin tub surround panel?

Thin tub surround panels are glued on with a tub surround adhesive and have to be smoothed out while being installed. What Structural Constraints Do You Have?

How much do tub surrounds cost?

American StandardOvation Curve 60 in. W x 60 in. H 3-Piece Glue Up Alcove Tub Surrounds in Arctic White Model# 2961BWT60.011 (4) $29900 Distinction 60 in. W x 60 in. H Three Piece Glue Up Tub Surrounds in High Gloss White Model# 39094-HD (119) $25900 FlexStoneElite 32 in. x 60 in. x 60 in. 9-Piece Easy Up Adhesive Tub Surround in Calypso

Can a bathtub surround be repaired?

The enclosure around a bathtub often gets more wear than the tub itself. It’s not uncommon to be faced with major wall repair long before the tub is ready for replacement. This can a pretty difficult job if you have ceramic tile walls, and installing a new system of tub surround panels is usually an easier solution.