Can you give birth if you have scoliosis?

Can you give birth if you have scoliosis?

While there is no evidence to suggest that scoliosis affects the outcome of a pregnancy, it can cause additional back pain. In extreme cases, scoliosis can cause some additional challenges during pregnancy and labor; in general, women with scoliosis are just as capable of delivering healthy babies as average women.

Can you get an epidural If you had a spinal fusion?

Epidurals and Pain Relief It’s still possible for you to have an epidural or a spinal after back surgery. Most women have no problem or complications from either procedure. In very specific cases, scar tissue can keep your anesthesiologist from being able to access the proper place on your spine, but that’s rare.

Can scoliosis get worse during pregnancy?

Will pregnancy cause my scoliosis to get worse? This is a valid concern given all the changes to your body that come with pregnancy. Happily, studies show that having one or more pregnancies doesn’t appear to make spinal curvature worse for most women with scoliosis.

Can you have a baby after scoliosis surgery?

Even women who have had spinal fusion surgery can get pregnant. “Women who have been successfully treated for scoliosis have only minor or no additional risks at all for complications during pregnancy and delivery,” says the University of Maryland Medical Center. “A history of scoliosis does not endanger the child.”

Can you have a baby with a spinal fusion?

Myth 2: It’s too risky to become pregnant if you’ve had spinal fusion surgery. This is simply not true. Many people with fusions safely and successfully deliver babies around the world.

Can you have an epidural with a spinal fusion?

What problems can scoliosis cause during pregnancy?

Before You Conceive…. Talk to your doctor.

  • Women with Scoliosis Can Have Healthy Pregnancies. According to a study published in the Evidence-Based Spine-Care Journal,pregnancy doesn’t appear to accelerate the progression of scoliosis.
  • You May Experience Added Difficulties.
  • How does scoliosis affect pregnancy?

    How does scoliosis affect pregnancy? Most moms-to-be with scoliosis will find their condition doesn’t impact their pregnancy at all. But women with severe curvature of the spine, or those whose scoliosis involves the hips, pelvis or shoulders, may experience more pain and discomfort, breathing problems or weight-bearing difficulties — especially later in the pregnancy.

    Is is safe to have scoliosis while pregnant?

    In most cases, there are no proven risks to mother and baby because of scoliosis, during pregnancy, labour or delivery. There is no increase in the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, or birth defects. Even women who have had spinal fusion surgery to treat scoliosis, can get pregnant.

    What is the cure for scoliosis?


  • Nonsurgical options,such as a brace
  • Surgery