Can you get a refund on AliExpress?

Can you get a refund on AliExpress?

Yes, AliExpress does offer refunds. With a huge range of products offered in the store and numerous businesses operating on the platform, many things can go wrong. Because of this, AliExpress has created the Buyer Protection Program to grant its customers the right to refunds.

What to do if a seller refuses to refund on AliExpress?

What to Do if the Seller Closed the Dispute and Didn’t Return Money? In this case contact AliExpress administration (contact their customer support service). You will have to attach the evidence: The screenshots of your message history with the seller and the statuses of the dispute.

How long does AliExpress take to refund?

When Will You Get a Refund after You Cancelled the Order on AliExpress. Officially, the refund time is from one to three weeks from the date of closing the order. Usually, the refund is processed within 5-10 days. If you paid for the order via an electronic wallet, you will get your money faster.

What is AliExpress return policy?

You have 15 days from receiving the item(s) to return your order without explanation as long as: – All items are in perfect condition and in the original packaging. Service ScopeIf the seller offers Free Return, it will be clearly marked on the item details page.

What happens if I cancel order on AliExpress?

Please click the button [Cancel Order] on order detail page, select a reason for cancellation, and then [Submit] the request. If the seller does not respond to your request within 72 hours, the order will be automatically closed and refund will be returned to your account.

Will AliExpress refund if product is not received?

If you have purchased anything on, but didn’t receive it within the seller’s guaranteed delivery time, you can get a full refund.

What is a dispute on AliExpress?

AliExpress provides a “Buyer Protection” program that guarantees the quality of goods and services. In case the products don’t meet the criteria of quality, AliExpress makes a refund. To take benefit of this program and receive compensation for a faulty product or poor service, you need to open a dispute.

Who pays for returns on AliExpress?

It is totally free. If the seller offers Free Return, it will be clearly marked on the item details page as follows: 2.

What happens if seller doesn’t respond to dispute AliExpress?

– If the seller agrees with your request of Refund Only or if he/she doesn’t reply within 5 days, dispute will be closed automatically, and you will get your refund in 3-20 working days (When will I receive my refund?).

How do I dispute an order on AliExpress?

Method to open dispute 3.1 Find the order under Orders. Tap the product to see the order details. 3.2 Tap Contact Seller to get a solution, or Open Dispute to apply for a refund. 3.3 You’ll be asked to answer a few questions about why you want to open a dispute.

AliExpress refunds your money instantly for canceled orders but for dispute orders, they don’t offer you a refund until the dispute comes to an agreement. Once AliExpress processed the refund, it takes between 3 – 20 working days to reach your bank account, depending on the payment method you used.

How do you get a refund on Aliexpress?

The order hasn’t been shipped,yet and you decide to cancel it

  • The product doesn’t match the description
  • Your order doesn’t arrive at all or arrives later than it should
  • The product you ordered is fake
  • How to claim a refund on Aliexpress?

    If your AliExpress package hasn’t arrived yet

  • The product you received doesn’t match the description on AlExpress
  • Bad quality of the product or that it is fake or damaged
  • The delivery method you asked for doesn’t match the one you opted
  • The wrong quantity of the products received in the order
  • The AliExpress order was placed by mistake
  • Can I get a refund on Aliexpress?

    Yes, any product that is covered by Domestic Returns can be returned domestically, as long as it is unused and in perfect condition. No questions asked. Guaranteed Genuine Get a full refund if you received a counterfeit product How can I ensure the products I purchase are genuine?