Can you bring food into Dos Equis Pavilion?

Can you bring food into Dos Equis Pavilion?

No food, drinks, coolers, lawn chairs, umbrellas allowed. The amphitheatre institutes a “No re-entry policy” for all events. Gates into the pavilion open ninety minutes prior to the scheduled performance time. Certain shows may restrict all beer and wine sales at that performers request.

Is Dos Equis Pavilion covered?

The venue is split up into the 100s, the 200s and Lawn seating. All seating in the 100s is completely covered. This includes the General Admission Pit in front of the stage and the VIP Boxes behind Section 101.

Can you bring a purse into Dos Equis Pavilion?

➡️ If you’re bringing a bag, please make sure it adheres to our clear bag policy and is 12″x6″x12″ or smaller. Small clutches about the size of a hand or smaller do not need to be clear. The maximum size of a non-clear clutch/bag is 4.5″x6. 5″.

Can you tailgate at Dos Equis Pavilion?

Parking is ample and free. Public transit options are minimal, but the venue is surrounded by lots of parking, which is available to concertgoers at no extra cost. In grand Texas tradition, tailgating is often allowed.

Can you smoke at the Dos Equis Pavilion?

Smoking allowed? – Dos Equis Pavilion. “Smoking allowed?” Yes you can smoke on the hill not sure about the covered seating.

Can you bring chairs to Dos Equis Pavilion?

Yes, per city ordinance smoking is not allowed at Dos Equis Pavilion. Can we bring our low beach chairs for the lawn? Yes, lawn chairs are permitted into the venue for this show as long as they are no higher than 9 inches off the ground. Lawn chairs are also available for rent for $10 per chair.

What did Dos Equis Pavilion used to be called?

Cola Starplex Amphitheatre
Dos Equis Pavilion

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Former names The Amphitheatre at Fair Park (planning/construction) Coca-Cola Starplex Amphitheatre (1988–98) Starplex Amphitheatre (1999) Smirnoff Music Centre (2000–08) Center (2008–11) Gexa Energy Pavilion (2011–16) Starplex Pavilion (2017–18)

Can you smoke in Dos Equis Pavilion?

“Smoking allowed?” Yes you can smoke on the hill not sure about the covered seating.

What is the party deck at Dos Equis Pavilion?

The Party Deck at Dos Equis Pavilion is located within pavilion seating in the back corner of section 200. The section is general admission so there are not any assigned seats. However, there is barstools and tables for fans with these tickets to access.

How many people does Dos Equis Pavilion?

20,000Dos Equis Pavilion / Capacity

What are club seats at Dos Equis Pavilion?

Club seating at Dos Equis Pavilion is one of the most luxurious ways to see some of the largest touring artists in the Dallas area. Tickets sold in sections 202C and 203 are a part of club seating. Each club section is split into smaller box sections that range in size.

What is the Coca Cola Starplex called now?

The outdoor music venue at Fair Park in Dallas has a new name. Again. Gexa Energy Pavilion is now being called the Starplex Pavilion.