Can you be friends with a limerent object?

Can you be friends with a limerent object?

You can get limerence towards a friend, a colleague or a stranger. When you get limerence, your entire focus and point of attention become your Limerent Object (LO). You get a euphoric connection with a new person and you are constantly looking for them to reciprocate the same.

Can limerence turn true love?

When you experience limerence you might be prone to take life decisions, such as divorcing or breaking your current relationship, just to make space for your LO. But, unfortunately as previously discussed limerence rarely transforms into love.

What is the difference between love and limerence?

The main difference here is that love requires a real, meaningful connection with another person, while limerence is all about the chase and lusting after someone.

How do you stop limerence?

Probably the most desirable way to end an episode of limerence is to form a couple with the LO. Commitment from the LO will gradually relax the Limerent, and will make them feel secure in the relationship. As the emotional security increases, Limerents will slowly reenter into normal relationship behavior patterns.

When should you not disclose limerence?

When not to disclose

  • 1) Either one of you is committed to someone else. The obvious case.
  • 2) You have authority over LO.
  • 3) You think LO doesn’t reciprocate, but need to keep working with them.
  • 4) You have disclosed previously.
  • Why not disclosing is hard.

How do you forget a limerent object?

The quickest way to end an episode of limerence is to be 100% sure that a romantic relationship with the desired person is impossible. Asking the LO out on date or confessing feelings is a surefire way to figure out whether the LO is interested or not.

Should I tell Limerent object?

If you and LO are single, and you want to start a relationship, then disclosure is a good idea. If LO is equivocal about you, then that is important to know. If they give a non-committal response, it’s a good idea to make a clear statement, like “OK, thanks.