Can we upload file using REST API?

Can we upload file using REST API?

We explored two different ways to handle file uploads in a REST API, MultiPartParser, which can be used to handle a file upload from the web, and FileUploadParser, which can be used to handle raw file uploads.

Can I use PHP for REST API?

php: the User controller file which holds the necessary application code to entertain REST API calls.

How do I upload a file to a post request?

How to upload a file with HTTP Request – POST method

  1. Create a workflow. Add the ‘Write file’ and the ‘HTTP Request’ actions to your canvas and connect them as shown below:
  2. Configure ‘Write File’ action. Configure the ‘Write File’ action as shown below:
  3. Configure ‘HTTP Request’ action.

Can we send file via API?

This request will be a POST request sent to localhost:8080/api , which is just our local server. To attach a file, you must include it with the Body as form-data. Once you are in the Body → form-data fields, you must enter a KEY . This should be “file” or whichever value you specified in the @RequestPart(“[value]”) .

How does PHP file upload work?

php file holds code which is responsible for displaying the file upload form. On the other hand, the upload. php file is responsible for uploading a file to the server. Also, a file will be uploaded in the uploaded_files directory, so you need to make sure that this folder exists and is writable by the web-server user.

How create post API in PHP?


  1. Create the PHP Project Skeleton for Your REST API.
  2. Configure a Database for Your PHP REST API.
  3. Add a Gateway Class for the Person Table.
  4. Implement the PHP REST API.
  5. Secure Your PHP REST API with OAuth 2.0.
  6. Add Authentication to Your PHP REST API.

How call API URL in PHP?

To get started with this API, we need to call Sign Up endpoint:

  1. Make a POST Request. Now we go to the first step and create a collection of data using the Create Collection endpoint.
  2. Make the GET Request.
  3. Perform a PUT Request.
  4. The DELETE Method.
  5. Repeat GET request and check if the data is really deleted.

How to upload image using REST API?

Show activity on this post. For uploading image using REST api most preferable method is to pass base64 encoded image data in post request and then put the contents after decoding base64 encoded string into file using Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow!

How do I add a parameter to a POST request?

POST requests are also supported by simply changing your request to POST and including your params in the POST body. It will automatically detect the params needed for the requested method. You could setup a secret API key and have that as a required param for each API method for authentication purposes.

Is uploading files to a server time-consuming?

When dealing with web services, uploading files may not be one of the most frequent tasks. When it comes to sending files to a server, however, it can be a time-consuming process.

How to send form information to an API using postman?

Information from website forms is frequently sent to APIs as multipart/form-data. Using the form-data Body tab in Postman, you can implement this. You may submit key-value pairs and define the content type using form-data.