Can viruses undergo apoptosis?

Can viruses undergo apoptosis?

Cells are induced to undergo apoptosis upon infection with a number of viruses, and this process inactivates the cellular machineries for gene expression and proliferation, which are required by invading viruses to produce their progeny in infected cells.

Does Ebola cause apoptosis?

Ebola virus infection does not induce apoptosis. To address the question of whether EBOV induces apoptosis, Vero cells were infected with EBOV, and various apoptosis markers were analyzed. Since SeV is known to induce apoptosis in infected cells (36), it was used as a control for the induction of apoptosis.

Do viruses inhibit apoptosis?

Recent studies of the various mechanisms used by viruses to suppress apoptosis have shed light on the fundamental biochemical pathways responsible for regulating programmed cell death. Many viruses induce apoptosis upon infection of certain cell types but the precise mechanisms involved remain obscure.

How do viruses trigger apoptosis?

Viral proteins that induce apoptosis Apoptosis of virus-infected cells is induced either by stimulating the immune response or by introducing viral suicide genes that kill the host cell.

What cell induces apoptosis?

Killer lymphocytes (discussed in Chapter 24), for example, can induce apoptosis by producing a protein called Fas ligand, which binds to the death receptor protein Fas on the surface of the target cell.

Which virus promotes cell death by apoptosis?

(C) Murine cytomegalovirus (MCMV) encodes inhibitors of apoptosis and necrosis to promote survival and viral replication.

Does Ebola cause a cytokine storm?

EBOV infection leads to cytokine storm, disseminated intravascular coagulation, host T cell apoptosis as well as cell mediated and humoral immune response.

Which cytokine does Ebola inhibit?

These findings provide evidence for the role of Tim-1 in the induction of a cytokine storm phenomenon and the pathogenesis of EVD. IMPORTANCE Ebola virus infection is characterized by a massive release of inflammatory mediators, which has come to be known as a cytokine storm.