Can I transfer Digi prepaid to Postpaid?

Can I transfer Digi prepaid to Postpaid?

Talktime Transfer Talktime Transfer is a Digi exclusive feature that allows Digi Prepaid and Digi Postpaid subscribers to transfer talktime credits l… 1.

How can I change my prepaid to Postpaid?

Submit your address proof, identity proof and photo in the customer care center after which they will give you a migration form to fill. Now you need to choose a postpaid plan of your choice. The security deposit you are liable to pay depends on the plan you choose.

How do I cancel Digi prepaid?

Select the Internet Package that you are subscribed to.. For example, I was subscribed onto the Daily RM3 – so press Reply and key in “5”. Press Reply and key in “1” to unsubscribe. Finally, key in “1” one more time to confirm unsubscribe.

How long does Digi prepaid last without top up?

Help Centre 1. Most Digi prepaid lines will be terminated if there is no reload activity done for more than 75 days.

How long is Digi prepaid valid?

Maximum Prepaid Airtime Credit Limit is capped at RM1,000.00 at any one time for all Digi Prepaid voice rate plans. Any attempt to reload / top up to a prepaid account with a balance of RM1,000.00 will be unsuccessful upon reaching maximum threshold….Reload Limits and Rules.

Reload Denomination Account Validity
RM50 50 Days
RM100 120 Days

What is the difference between Digi prepaid and Postpaid?

The concept of a prepaid plan is simple, basically its a pay-per-use service where you need to pay for the mobile service before you can use it. On the other hand, using a Postpaid plan means you are committed to a mobile service plan and billed for your usage every month.

How can I port my Digi prepaid Online?

Follow these simple steps to successfully Switch to Digi.

  1. Keep your old SIM in your phone, and look out for the Network Switching Confirmation SMS from your current mobile service provider.
  2. Reply and accept the Network Switching Confirmation SMS to confirm your Port-In to Digi.
  3. Wait for your number to be released.

How can I request credit from Digi friend?

A Digi Prepaid subscriber low on credit may use Talktime Request to ask for extra credit from another friend/family member on Digi Prepaid or Digi Postpaid….4. How-to-get Talktime Request.

Step 1 1a. Dial shortcode *128# 1b. Select “1 My Account
Step 2 2a. Select “4 Talktime Services” 2b. Choose “5 Talktime Request”

How do I keep my Digi prepaid active?

To reactivate prepaid (A) account validity and (B) Internet validity, it is recommended for subscribers to:

  1. Perform reload/top-up to reactivate its account validity.
  2. Subscribe/renew Monthly Active Internet plan or On-demand Internet pass subscription to reactivate both Account validity and Internet validity.

How long does it take to switch from prepaid to postpaid?

How long does it take to switch from my prepaid number to postpaid? Once your KYC documents have been successfully submitted, your new postpaid connection will get activated within 48 hours typically.