Can I send Evite via text?

Can I send Evite via text?

Evite is the first digital free invitation service to allow party and event hosts to send invitations by text message. You can invite all your guests at once via phone number or email address via your iPhone or Android and get their invitations seen sooner!

How do I create an invitation on my iPhone?

How to Create iPhone Invitations Quickly and Easily

  1. Step 1: Take Amazing Photos. You should always aim for high-quality photos.
  2. Step 2: Edit Your Invitations. The next step is to turn your photos into something extra special.
  3. Step 3: Print and Invite. Finally, you need to print your invitations.

How do you send an invitation via text?

Find your SignUp on the My SignUps tab and click the Manage link to access your Organizer view.

  • Click the Invite tab in the blue menu bar and check the first option Send an email through
  • Make the changes to the text and send at least one invitation.
  • How can I send invitations by text message?

    Import Your Guest List Whether you’re only inviting your closest friends to your event,or you need to send text messages to thousands of attendees,our platform makes it

  • Write Your Text Message Invitation or Evite Once you’ve uploaded the invitation recipients,you’re ready to write your message.
  • Schedule Your Text Message Invitation
  • How to make text invitations?

    – No ads! – Email or text invitation to 1-15 guests – Customize with our pro photos & videos – Manage & track RSVPs – In-app messaging – Sharable link for social media

    Can I send an invitation via text message?

    You can send invitations to guests by text message in addition to email. Simply add guests’ phone numbers along with their name when you build your guest list. See all of the options to build your guest list here. We recommend that you use our iOS or Android app to pull in your guests’ phone numbers automatically from your phone’s address book.