Can I print a V55 5 form?

Can I print a V55 5 form?

Can I download a v55/5 form? Since a few years, the v55/5 is now available online. You can therefore download the v55/5 form on our website, and print it. Then, you will have to fill it properly, and send it to the DVLA.

Where do I get a V55 5 form from?

The V55/4, V55/5, V355/4 and V355/5 are only available from DVLA Customer Enquiries by phoning 0870 240 0010, or by visiting your nearest DVLA local office. You can get an ‘import pack’ from or from DVLA Customer Enquiries by phoning 0870 240 0010.

What should I send with V55?

The details you give on the V55/5 will be put on DVLA’s records, so make sure the information you give is accurate. Please write clearly in black ink using CAPITAL LETTERS. If your form is difficult to read, it will take us longer than normal to issue the Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C).

How long does a V55 take?

“Even then, DVLA was quoting on the V55/5 application it could take up to eight weeks to get it approved or denied.

How long does it take DVLA to register a vehicle?

Registering your vehicle is simple and completely free. It takes up to 10 working days, so be sure to allow enough time before driving within the Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

How do I register my German motorcycle in the UK?

How to import and register a motorcycle

  1. Find and buy your bike.
  2. Arrange shipment.
  3. Get all your documents in order for export.
  4. On arrival in the UK, your bike needs a NOVA (Notice of Vehicle Arrivals).
  5. Pay the VAT and duty (your NOVA will trigger a bill from the HMRC).

Can I get DVLA forms from the post office?

If you need a paper copy of a form and cannot print it yourself, you can get most forms from a Post Office that offers DVLA services. Check whether your local Post Office stocks the form before you visit.

Can you complete DVLA forms online?

Are you looking for DVLA forms? In the past, DVLA forms could be picked up at the post office or you could request that they be sent to your home address. Today, you can still do this or you can make the process much simpler by using the DVLA online.

Can you send D1 form online?

You can also request a D1 form online.

What is a V55/5 form?

first vehicle tax and registration of a used motor vehicle’ (V55/5) You should use the V55/5 to register a used vehicle (for example, imported vehicles that have been registered before, rebuilds and so on.) As many types of vehicle can be registered using this form, it would be difficult to provide

How useful is the DVLA v355/5 help document?

The DVLA V355/5 help document is useful, but it contains so much information it is easy to get confused. I know that when I was trying to find out how to register my old imported Triumph Bonneville, it would have helped.

What type of vehicle can be registered using the v355/5 form?

Many types of vehicle can be registered using this form, for example an imported or rebuilt vehicle. Use the V355/5 for guidance on how to fill in the form. Updated V355/5 PDF.

Do you have to send extra forms and documents to DVLA?

You may have to send extra forms and documents if your vehicle is: DVLA might need to inspect your vehicle. If your application is approved, DVLA will send you a V5C registration certificate (sometimes called a log book). Because of coronavirus (COVID-19) it’s taking longer than usual to get a new registration certificate.