Can begonias be left out in winter?

Can begonias be left out in winter?

You can leave begonias in the garden over winter if the type you have is hardy in your zone, or it never gets below 50° F outside. Otherwise they must be brought indoors.

Can begonias handle cold temperatures?

Like many other plants native to tropical and subtropical regions, begonias (Begonia spp.) don’t do well with cool temperatures. The American Begonia Society considers 55 degrees Fahrenheit the lower end of begonias’ comfort zone, though some hybrids may be more cold-tolerant.

How can you tell if begonia is tuberous?

Begonias with tuberous roots are a large group of complex hybrids involving many species and years of breeding and development. They can often be identified by their prominent flowers, which can be single, double, ruffled, scented or multicolored, and range in size from 1/2-inch diameter to the size of a dinner plate.

Will begonias come back every year?

CORVALLIS – Many people enjoy the lush blossoms of tuberous begonias in pots on patios and as outdoor hanging plants. There’s no need to throw them away when cold weather hits and the tops die. The tubers can be saved over the winter and planted again the next spring for another year of showy color.

Are begonias winter hardy?

Once begonias start flowering, they bloom continuously from summer to frost. There are several different types of begonias. Wax begonias and angel-wing begonias are usually grown as outdoor annuals or indoor houseplants. Both grow from a clump of roots and are winter hardy in growing zones 9-11.

What temperature begonias survive?

Temperature: Keep your begonias between 65° to 73° F during the day, and no colder than 55° F at night. Be aware of drafts and freezing window glass that might damage foliage. Add Humidity: A pebble tray will help give your begonias extra humidity to cope with the change in environment.

How do you keep tuberous begonias over winter?

Remove plant from pot before hard frosts occur. Cut back most of the top of the plant, leaving the ball of roots and soil intact. Place in a dry, cool storage area (a basement or garage) and allow the tubers to cure for several weeks. After curing, shake off the soil and remove the remaining stalks and roots.

Are begonias Evergreen?

About Shrub Begonias Shrub begonias are an evergreen variety, easy to care for and often grown for both foliage and flowers. These begonias have soft, green stems and most plants grow upright and bushy – some growing 8 feet tall, while others are suitable for hanging baskets.