Can a smart phone project?

Can a smart phone project?

The answer is simple ‘ No ‘ because the Android phone doesn’t come with hardware configure and a lens to project visuals on a projector.

What’s the best cell phone in the world?

The best phones you can buy today

  1. iPhone 13 Pro Max. The best phone overall.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Samsung’s best phone.
  3. iPhone 13. The best phone for the money.
  4. Google Pixel 6. The best Android experience for a great price.
  5. Google Pixel 5a.
  6. iPhone 13 Pro.
  7. Google Pixel 6 Pro.
  8. Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus.

What is ATAP’s Project Ara doing in Puerto Rico?

Google is taking Project Ara to Puerto Rico, and the ATAP team has been sharing some of its ideas for how to pitch a modular phone to a confused audience.

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What is the ARA configurator app?

As for the configurator app, that will show a virtual Ara device which can be navigated through with swipes and pinches, and into which different selections of modules and custom shells will be placed. From that app, it would be possible to go through the entire retail process, to the point of purchasing the phone.